Gokarna through my Eyes.


Since Morning I have been repeating the words of what I will write about the magical high I got for the last 2 days. I wanted to make it sound perfect and beautiful, exactly like how I felt and I wanted to cease those feelings into some words as a souvenir of this trip other than my tanned body. But here I am siting staring at the blank sky, the same sky which made me reach ecstasy yesterday seems depressing today. Why am I not able to recall those words? I remember they were quite expressive.

Gokarna is an amazing place, which is obvious, so what am I trying to say? I did a lot of things I've always wanted to do. Swim in the middle of the sea... Go to Nirvana beach which is still undiscovered by many. See the mighty beast going down the Arabian Sea with Shinning on your crazy diamonds playing in my ears. Banana boat riding. Jet skiing and the best part of that Jet Ski was that I got to drive it. Raced it like a wildfire going as far as I could only to see that I have reached no where and when I was visible like an ant, my life guard asked me to hold my racing heart tight and turn back because there's nowhere I'll be able to reach. Watched the sunset from a hill top view of the sea. Stayed in a mixed Dormitory. Walk on the beach in pale moonlight alone and find a stranger on my way only to know that sometimes all that's needed is to strike a magic only for the night and leaving everything else to know that it's better that way. To sing along the Bonfire, dance with the beats, just sit and listen to the sound of the tidal waves, to quietly stare into the beauty of the night, witness rainfall on a beach and the best part, Flowing lanterns on the night sky and seeing it's reflection on the black sea side and to sleep right there listening to the yawning sea.

I could feel my blood flowing through my nerves when I flashed back to that beautiful sea night. But there is still something that makes it all look incomplete. I don't know, there's something inside which tells me that it's not all that was. There was something more, something that got me high on life. I see the snaps and you can see it in my eyes, those intricate bundle of feelings apparent through my smile.

When I got off my bus at checkpost I felt as if this is going to be something I'll remember for a life time and you can call it exageration but I right then knew I am going to come back here. I had coffee looking through the maps in 6:30 in the morning when the sun had just risen. I walked my way towards Om beach resort and then headed to Zostel- travellers hostel. When I reached there and went to the common room, the view of beach from there made me teary. It was beautiful. Taking the shower and ready with my beach dress with sun screen lotion on my body and my backpack. I headed out to rent a scooty, so that I could enjoy the place at my pace. As fast and as slow as my heart desired. I then headed to the Om beach. The roads that led there were appaullingly appealing and those trees, I could hear the song of the wind as it splashed through my face.

When the boat threw me in the middle of the sea and I had no option but swim, I back floated taking each breath of that cold water with the sky above me and hills around me as deep as I can, as deep that I thought I'd drown. That was magical and I can't even imagine to begin to express that beauty in mere man made words. It was peaceful beyond words.

When I was on that jet ready to speed that thing, I was high on adrenalin. I wanted to see how extreme can I go with my life and I surprised myself. At one point I prepared myself holding deep breaths definite that I would anytime fall of the jet but my hands pressed the accelerator with the thrilling rush as if I was ready to fall but not to stop. When I listened to shine on your crazy diamonds while the sky turned red, I couldn't help but look through the other side of the sea, It was mystical. And how can I forget that night spent on the beach. When the music glistenned through my ears, I felt like I have to hold to this moment very tight not letting it flow through the spaces between my fingers and then only to find someone holding my hand tight helping me breathe in the moment. When I saw the fireworks I was awestruck and when then it finally rained, I just streched my hands out open trying to catch all the happiness from that moment as much as I could. When I lighted those lanterns and threw it up in the black sky, I knew I would never want to be anywhere but there.

As I sit here staring at that blank sky, I feel like everything is already slipping out of my memory and I really don't want to forget how I felt by the beach and from the top of that hill and when I drove those hilly rides and when in middle of the cold sea, I closed my eyes. I want to save it and hold on to it. So I write this as a souvenir to be saved as my memory. Tanned skin will fade away, I hope for this to stay.