White water rafting in Agumbe, Karnataka

Photo of White water rafting in Agumbe, Karnataka by Neha Ballal

For all the students studying in Manipal or people working in Manglore or anyone who comes down the the coast, a must visit during the monsoon is the Sitanadi rafting near Agumbe in the western ghats.


The camp I went to was Sitanadi nature camp near Hebri.

It is an overnight journey from Bangalore to Shimoga or even from Bangalore to Agumbe. If you take the train, you’ll have to get off at Shimoga and take a bus or cab to Agumbe.

About 253km from Bangalore. 50 km from Udupi and 110km from Manglore. A private vehicle or a taxi is advisable as you cannot depend on public buses to pick you up at a particular time.

The Seethanadi Nature Camp in Hebri is located amidst refreshing greenery. It not only offers rafting facilites but also has nature walks and a number of other activities for its guests.

This Nature camp is situated inside Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. This Sanctuary protects the last remaining low elevation rain forests in entire Western Ghats.


Things you need:

Clothing suitable for rafting or carry a change of clothes specially for the water and then change back to normal clothes.

Cap/Hat- A cap or a hat to cover the head and face against the direct sunlight during peak hours.


Life jackets and helmets are provided.

How to begin:

They need to have a minimum of at least 7 people to take you out to the river during rapid season. They teach you the basics of rafting,how to sit, how to hold the oar, how to paddle, what to do in case you fall out. After covering the basics we are taken out into the flowing water.

This can be enjoyed by both the young and old but it will drain you out of energy when you have to paddle against the stream in someplace to sit tight when flowing into a rapid.

You even get to jump into the flowing river in places where the rapids are not present and just flow next to the raft. It is an experience I cherish. Even if you don't know swimming , you can still jump as the life jacket will not let you drown

Photo of White water rafting in Agumbe, Karnataka 1/1 by Neha Ballal

Things to keep in mind:

For safety purposes, we should always remember and follow the instructions given by the guides

It is better to avoid uncomfortable clothing when in the raft (like sarees, etc.)

Carrying/ wearing jewellery or other valuables is a risk as you never know how the current is.

Even the most experienced guides cannot control the raft during a risky rapid and there are chances of you falling or water pouring all over you

It is better if you do not smoke and consume alcohol before or during the activity

Plastics (like chips wrappers, water bottles, etc.,) should be properly disposed.

Do not litter and scatter plastics and bottles on the Roads or the river.

Take care of your belongings-mobiles, wallets, cameras as you will given a locker to place your belonging in and do not carry them with you on the raft.

Go out there are have fun!