Chennai to Munnar - Motorcycle Ride - DAY 1 .

12th Aug 2017

Hair Pin Bends MUNNAR , Kerela .

Photo of Chennai to Munnar - Motorcycle Ride - DAY 1 . by Antony Jackson Cruz
Day 1

Hi i am AJ Cruz (@ajcruzing)

This is my ride to Munnar , Kerela .

With tha people i just met that morning of the same dau we started the ride .

It was an Epic Journey

Let me put this into a timeline format for you guys to catch up on it.

this was DAY 1 .

4AM - Woke up

4:30AM - i reached the meeting point and introduced myself with the other riders .

4:40AM - we took off from our meeting point in chennai after a quick chai .

7:30AM - Reached Ulundurpet , where we met with the 5th rider we where 4 riders at the beginning at the start then the 5th rider joined us here .

8:00AM - Breakfast at ulundurpet and back on the road .

10:00AM - Fuel Stop somewhere inbetween .

12:00NOON - Reached Dindugal , Chai Break and back on the road .

3:00PM - Lunch at Theni , Almost closer to the bottom of the hill where we need to ascend on our motorcycles to MUNNAR .

5:30PM - We Reach the bottom of the hill where we are supposed to be and started ascend , The ascend and the hairpin bends are fun but it wil limit our speeds to a point where we cannot achieve Larger distance in Lesser time , so we had hurry as well as not let ourself into any mishaps .

Around 6:30PM : We are like barely 6Kms away from the hotel were we are staying and stuck in a bad traffic jam .

7:30PM : we reach the Hotel so we covered a total distance of 590ish Kms till the hotel . it was a success .

I will put the next day in the next blog .


Check out the youtube video i made for this day . Thanks .

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