Amazing offbeat location in south kolkata

18th Sep 2022
Photo of Amazing offbeat location in south kolkata by Mr Zink
Day 1

I found some amezing offbeat location in south kolkata, that make you feel alive.
Always i like to complete my daily tasks ASAP so that I can ride my bike and find some silent nature location.
If you want know more about Kolkata you can visit North side. North Kolkata always remind you that you are in the city of joy.
South kolkata is little bit polish than north side.
In January 19, after lunch as usually listen my playlist and ride my bike and finding myself.
From Tollygunge to approx 7.5 k.m ride you get a location called Nepalgunge hat.
Nepalgunge hat is a offbeat location in south kolkata. This is kind of a village Market hat.
In 2019 it's was looked like a old village you can't realise that you are in Kolkata.
From Nepalgunge hat to towards Julpia moor approx 5 k.m of ride
There is a LJD Law College on your right hand side.
By follow the college road immediately i was shocked 😲.
"Is this in Kolkata " ask myself .
It's tollay green all around me , i can't explain properly. I can feel my heart beat clearly.
Was Looking someone to get more information about this location, so many birds welcome me by sing there amezing songs.
First time i lost myself in the nature.

There is a temple called Madulikata Shib Mandir.
I spend some quality time and have a great conversation with myself and the nature.
After some time the golden sunset was completed my day. I captured the the beautiful moment.

Now the time change its 22 but i still visit the offbeat location in south kolkata and also looking for another location.

Photo of Madulikata Shib Mandir by Mr Zink