11th Feb 2019
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 1/13 by Debasree Nandi

Puruliya is a very important district of West Bengal.It covers a large area of our state.There are many reasons for visiting this district.First of it because of Chau Dance which includes an important part of folk dance.Tourists and photographers from all over the world visit this place for enjoying this dance festival.Apart from this the natural beauty of Puruliya is awesome.In the monthe of March to April you can find a flower name "Palash"which increase this place's beauty thousand of times.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 2/13 by Debasree Nandi
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 3/13 by Debasree Nandi

About Palash Flower-

The scientific name of this flower is known as"Butia Monosperma"Its popularly called "Palash" in West Bengal.The unopened bud of Palash is mainly required in Saraswati pujo in Bengal.It can be red,orange or yellow in colour.Its the state flower of Jharkhand.In Purulia you can find these in the month of March -April.The roads seems to be covered th red and yellow carpet in Purulia.In West Bengal this flower is associated with Spring.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 4/13 by Debasree Nandi

I have got the chance to visit Puruliya in 2018,march.Though the tempareture was really hot at that time but the nature bathed in the red colour due to innumerable Palash flower.Mainly I visited at that time to see this invincible beauty.Being a travel maniac I can't control myself of going out somewhere out of my home.The routine life and din and bustle of city kills me.So this time I selected Puruliya.My husband and my daughter are my greatest companion in my travel.If you are planning for weekend destination near kolkata then Purulia can be your next option to visit.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 5/13 by Debasree Nandi
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 6/13 by Debasree Nandi
Joychandi Hill

Purulia can be easily accessable by road and rail.

1)By Road-NH19,(Via Durgapore),NH 14(Via Kharagpur)

2)By Rail-Hwh-Chakradharpur Express(From Hwh-23.05-Purulia-6.20AM) ,Rupashi Bangla Express(From Satragachi-6.25AM-Purulia-11.50AM), Lalmati Express(From Hwh-8.30AM-Purulia-14.10).

We started our journey on 11th march,2018.We preffered to go by our car.It is almost 8hours drive from Kolkata to Puruliya .So we thought of staying one night in the middle of somewhere.So Durgapore was the best option as it was on our route.We took a halt for one night and in the morning we started early for Puruliya.We planned to visit Joychandi hill which would be on our way.Its the famous hill where the eminent Bengali director Satyajit Ray had shot some scenes of his famous film 'Hirak Rajar Deshe'.Its a beautiful spot just 2 kms from Raghunathpur and 4kms from Adra town.The hill is just 2kms from Purulia-Barakar road.The beautiful winding lanes,the curious people just looking at you,the cows and goats walking around,the village children innocent smile.Its just the kind of bucolic village scene you had drawn in your childhood days.Nayways,after spending some time,we reached in the city and checked in a hotel called Rupashi Bangla.Its a beautiful hotel.Very neat and clean.The rooms are very cosy.The nights were spent in leisure.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 7/13 by Debasree Nandi
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 8/13 by Debasree Nandi

Next morning after having breakfast,we started our journey for Ajodya Hills,the most eminent and main tourist spot in Puruliya.You can see the Upper and Lower dam,Chandli dam,Bagmundi and Charida village in and around Ajodya.Ajodhya hill is the part of Dalma hill.The highest peak of Ajodya is Chembatiburu. The Upper and Lower dam are the main source of water for entire Puruliya.

1)Ajodya Pahar or Hill-Its the part of Chotanagpur Plateau and the extension of Eastern Ghats range.The nearby populated town is Bagmundi.The whole area is hilly and rugged.You can avail three routes to reach Ajodya.Via Jalda,vi Bagmundi and via Sirkabad

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 9/13 by Debasree Nandi
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 10/13 by Debasree Nandi

2)Chandil Dam-It is the most popular tourist spot in Jharkhand-Purulia border.Its situated in Subernarekha river.The Karkori river originating from Hudru falls merges with this Subernarekha river in this place.

3)Bagmundi-Bagmundi is a small town in Purulia and its very near to Ajodya.

4)Charida Village-Charida village is a must watch place to visit for its popularity in mask making of the famous folk dance called "Chou Dance".Its a famous acrobatic tribal dance highly performed in Purulia and Jharkhand districts.About 300 village people are engaged with this making of the masks.One can also visit this village in the month of December to see this traditional festival of Chou.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 11/13 by Debasree Nandi
Chou Masks
Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 12/13 by Debasree Nandi

Its very near to the town Bagmundi.You can hardly take a visit on route Ajodya hills.

Next day,we checked out of the hotel and headed towards Durga pore again.On the way,we visited Baranti,another beautiful spot in Puruliya.There is a dam called Muradi dam.The blue waters of the lake is just awesome surrounded by hills.The hills were covered with red and yellow Palash flower.Then we headed towards Durga pore.We stayed there for one night before returning to Kolkata.

All in all our trip was memorable.

Photo of PURULIA-----THE LAND OF PALASH 13/13 by Debasree Nandi
Muradi Lake,Baranti