Purulia: Part 3

6th Mar 2018

A splash of greenery...and wind whispering stories from the past...

Photo of Purulia: Part 3 by Rishi Biswas
Photo of Purulia: Part 3 1/2 by Rishi Biswas
Those verdant hills...Maybe we'll meet again

After sharing Purulia Blog Part 1 and Purulia Blog 2, I am going to wind up this trip with this final string of memories. This is all about the secluded and verdant hills of Purulia that have stood the test of time. On the final day, we had little time and lots to explore. Feeding our lust to travel, we set out early to make the most of it…

Photo of Purulia: Part 3 2/2 by Rishi Biswas
The splash of greenery, Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Dotted with verdant hills, a secluded tribal village in Raghunathpur, Baranti, awaits solo travellers and groups with calming views. Soothe your eyes with the relaxing composition of the clear-water lake, chipped between Muradi and Baranti Hills.

It is simply a splash of greenery, nested in the picturesque Rarh countryside in Purulia. You will love the carpet of verdant vegetation and unpaved red path around the lake. This place is less crowded, as compared to other tourist spots in Purulia.

Evergreen Reflections, Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Baranti Hill, Muradi, West Bengal, India by Rishi Biswas

Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Purulia: Part 3 by Rishi Biswas
Day 2

400 steps to be climbed, be right back in 20 minutes. We need to leave for the hotel’ was what our driver said before we took on the task. Joychandi Pahar (Hill) was the last of the places we explored in Purulia. With the train scheduled a few hours, we didn’t have much time to wander in the woods.

The abandoned tower, Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Joychandi Pahar, Raghunathpur, West Bengal, India by Rishi Biswas

A few deep breaths, and then a run. Seven minutes later, we were exploring an abandoned tower by the slopes. Gasping for breath, we got a momentary break inside the cool shade of the construction, used by dacoits as a hideout in the past. A couple of groupies later, and we were on the top.

400 Steps to the Top

Photo of Purulia: Part 3 by Rishi Biswas

A small temple stands atop the hill, with wild vegetation around. The place is almost barren and dry, save a few vendors selling stuff on the steps of the temple. We had left for the climb without our water bottles, and knew that we had little time to cherish the beauty.

Two other crowns of hills popped around in various directions. Once on the top, we moved towards the edge of the rocks, roots of large trees snaking through the floor.

Hill-top view, Jai Chandi Hills,Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Purulia: Part 3 by Rishi Biswas

‘Purulia’ was written all over the landscape, we saw, as we looked down the hill. Our car was parked down the hill, we noticed. Apart from a water tank, the dryness of the landscape was all in the frame.

In case you are here, make sure to carry enough water. Public transportation is not available in the area. If you want to explore the hills or try out climbing the other ones, schedule a time with the tuk-tuk drivers.

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The ruins of Garpanchakot reminds one of the historical heritage of Bengal. The skeleton of the structure stands tall with pride yet today, and the scars across its body make all of it clear. It is situated at the foothills of the Panchet hills. Apart from its historical attraction, we found the comforting beauty the hills and lush greenery precious.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo of Gar Panchkot, West Bengal, India by Rishi Biswas

As we approached the fort, a few tribal women surprised us with their offerings, the beautiful Palash garlands. The radiance of those strings, crafted with purity and care, re-echoed the tenderness and simplicity of their livelihood yet again.

Sipping off two glasses of sugarcane juice offered by the locals, we approached the fort, shrouded by hushed silence and serenity over centuries.

Forest fires are common in these areas, and we witnessed smoke ascending into the horizon not far from the place. The feeling you can get on mingling with the locals here remains a treasure in the memory. The remains of the fort have some temples around, standing with their pride of architectural splendidness.

Watch spring blossom in a different attire amid the roughness of hills, Palash blooming all around, while you go back ages into nature to breathe a comfort into your conscience.

If you have time, spend a few hours among the ruins. Feel the enchanting appeal of nature, the wind whispering the unsung stories from the past into your ears...

© Rishi Biswas

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