A Trip to Unknown, Mystical tourist spot.

Photo of A Trip to Unknown, Mystical tourist spot. by @d_urban_monk

Life is a long road we travel, from experiencing the beauty of path filled with flowers to continue the journey with hard rocks beneath our legs. Many a times there is an uncertainty in our way which has either sweet or bitter taste.

Well in my case roads turned out to be thrilling one, As they say unplanned trips are way better than planned ones, so as soon as our internship ends we packed our bags and started our journey towards unknown. Three of us, me and two of my best friends decided to go on a trip to Manali.

Photo of A Trip to Unknown, Mystical tourist spot. 1/3 by @d_urban_monk

There was a great gush of my adrenaline with every moment my charted bus travelled along the way to Manali.

There was mixed feeling of excitement and worry as the trip was unplanned and we hadn’t done any hotel bookings and it was a peak season of tourist inflow, there were fair amount of chances that we may not get hotel and have to spent the night in our sleeping bags. But as there was three of us we were ready for any difficulty to face.

Photo of A Trip to Unknown, Mystical tourist spot. 2/3 by @d_urban_monk

Bus continued its journey along the sharp turns and narrow roads, it was like nature was welcoming us and at the same time little bit of fear fused with a lot of excitement rushing in our veins. I woke up at the sound of a Himachali girl selling Cheekus, “ bhaiya cheeku lenge kya, yaha ki speciality hai”. It was a Kullu district and Manali was almost 45 KMs more to go. It was hard tradeoff between serene beauty of Kullu Valley and sleep, I decided to stay awake and enjoy the beauty of the narrow roads filled with refreshing breeze.

Photo of A Trip to Unknown, Mystical tourist spot. 3/3 by @d_urban_monk

I won’t stretch this long, It was amazing an experience, we explored Rohtang La, Hidimba Temple and the best experience was Old Manali.

Finally it was the time for me to bid adieu to the wonderful place that will dominate my other trips for a long time.