Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai


TamilNadu is famous for yummy, mouth watering snacks, along with service and humanity. The region has rich cuisine involving lot of traditional food. Rice being the staple food of South India, Tamil Cuisine is famous for Rice and Legumes. Traditional Tamil Cuisine involves elaborate, leisure cooking which is served in traditional style and ambience. The traditional way of eating meal is being seated on floor, food served on a banana leaf. 
Being a south Indian I would say I love to Cook traditional food, which we call PANDIGAI NAAL. The relaxing cooking style added with positivity and served hot makes stomachs grumble. Breakfast plays a major role in our daily life. A typical TamilNadu breakfast is Idly, Dosa, Vada, Ven pongal with filter coffee. This is a major energy booster for a body. To start with, A) IDLIIt is a savoury cake made out of Rice and Urad dhal. It was known as "IDDALIGE" by Shiva Kutacharya in 920CE. The batter that comes out of rice and urad dhal, when poured in Idly plates, which are steamed high is how Idly is arrived.The batter is grinded on Wet Grinder Machine. Idlis are had with sambhar, chutney sometimes with Molaga podi(Gun Powder).  The variety of idlis are, Mini idlis, Rava idly.Travellers don't miss idlis.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 1/6 by Radhika Narasimhan 

B) VADA-They are crispy, crunchy oil based breakfast made out of urad dhal. They are mostly had with sambhar and chutney. The varieties of Vada are, Curd Vada, Sambhar Vada, Masala Vada and Rasa Vada. Dear travellers, when you bite something crunchy it not only gives you energy, but goes straight to you stomach with touch of pepper and makes digestion easy.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 2/6 by Radhika Narasimhan 
C)DOSAA crispy long, rounded breakfast made out of urad dhal and rice. The batter is quiet liquid to pour on tava, after minutes of heating it turns brown. They are accompanied with sambhar and chutney. The varieties of Dosa are Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Pesarattu, Adai and Neer Dosa. Travellers they are yummy believe me.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 3/6 by Radhika Narasimhan 
D) VEN PONGALThey are made out of rice and moong dhal. They are boiled in cooker, and had with sambhar and chutney. They are garnished with pepper and cashewnut. The ghee added on ven pongal just glides straight to the stomach and makes digestion very easy. There are no types of ven pongal.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 4/6 by Radhika Narasimhan 
E) FILTER COFFEEIt is known as DIKSSHAN, made out of roasted beans, grinded as powder, when hot water is poured on the powder in a filter, the liquid that drops is the coffee and the Kaapi to drink. Kumbakonam degree coffee and Mylapore coffee houses are famous. Coffee are served with froth on Tumbler and Dabara. Coffee just boost your energies travellers. Don't miss Filter Coffee in Chennai.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 5/6 by Radhika Narasimhan The above breakfast delicacies are sold as COMBO PACKS, which are economical and mouth watering. Here are a few suggested combo packs, Tourists and Travellers can try1) Idli-vada-sambhar-chutney with Filter coffee.2)Dosa-vada-sambhar-chutney with Filter coffee3)Dosa-ven pongal-sambhar-chutney with Filter coffee4)Ven pongal-vada-sambhar-chutney with Filter coffee.
Breakfast is more for our soul which automatically energies the body. Travellers to chennai definitely try your hand on these yummy breakfast.Photo of Suvayana (Yummy): Breakfast for Travelers in Chennai 6/6 by Radhika Narasimhan

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