Bird Photography in Little Runn Of Kutch.

22nd Dec 2018
Photo of Bird Photography in Little Runn Of Kutch. by Akash Kapoor
Day 1

Starting from Ahmedabad by 0830 hrs, I arrived at my resort in the Little Rann of Kutch by 1130 hrs. After relaxing for a while and a sumptuous lunch, I started off for my 1st Safari into the Rann in the Bajana area. Just as I entered the area, I was greeted by a Pallid Harrier. The light was harsh but I managed to get some close views.

I also came across a group of Indian Wild Ass and was able to observe them from a close distance as they are going back after quenching their thirst from the nearby waterbody.

Day 2

Second day started as early as 0600 hrs, My main aim was to get the pelicans in the golden light.

Day 3

Rest of the session clearly belonged to the Pelicans and Flamingos. It was a treat to watch Dalmatian & Great White Pelicans,Spoonbills and Lesser & Greater Flamingos in good numbers from close quarters.

I decided to focus on raptors on the final day and started by 0630 hrs. Just as the sun came up, I saw activity of Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle and Peregrine falcon. It was not at all easy to get them from eye level but I approached them cautiously and got some superb shots of the majestic raptors -

I had loads of fun over the 3 days and would have only loved to spend more time.

Thanks for viewing. Let me know in-case of any queries, suggestions, critics and I would be happy to respond.