Hidden Backpacking Gem in the Heart of India - Bistar Hostels

20th Jul 2020
Photo of Hidden Backpacking Gem in the Heart of India - Bistar Hostels by Vaibhav Sharma
Day 1

Founded in 2019 by Chef Shaurya Sehgal at the capital city in the Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Mostly known for the city of lakes for being home to not only the Oldest man-made lake in the country but also to 17 lakes around the city, which makes it truly the city of lakes. Bhopal also is a place that must be on a backpackers list whether it's for food, culture, tradition, history, architecture, adventure or purely just fun. There are UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Sanchi Stupa and Bhimbetka Rock Shelters that one can visit along with other lesser known monuments, nearby. Not just that, but Bhopal has its own food culture that is truly worth the time spent in the old city and Bistar Hostels will help you spot those places Bang on! Located at a walking distance from the Cultural Art centre - Bharat Bhawan and nestled beside the Upper Lake is this beautiful Hostel that will leave you in surprise.

Even though this hostel is located centrally in the city, you'll still be surprised of how it doesn't look like a part of it. The calmness in the atmosphere by the lake and the right kind of hospitality makes this place a perfect balance to stay or sightseeing in the city. With companies and individuals now pushing forward the #VocalForLocal campaigns all across the country, this place truly deserves a shoutout. In a candid conversation between the founder gave an insight to what exactly does the brand stand for and I believe that individuals like him are going to bring about a big change in the industry. Shaurya was working as a pastry chef in mumbai and shifted on to work for a hostel company from there in Uttarakhand, where he realised the lack of hospitality in the current backpacking market. Bhopal wasn't the obvious choice for the setup but seemed like the better as any. The two tier city deemed as an underrated location, became their obvious choice into attracting travellers and create awareness. The hospitality that the company does out of heart will surely leave you in an awe and they do it free of charge. One can bookmark places or get an idea to what exists around the city on their social media profiles. Bistar offers no unnecessary luxury, but a well-catered stay in informal surroundings. There is also plenty of opportunity to meet other people.  There are countless excursion options from our hostels: soaking up art and culture in town, exploring the markets or getting some fresh air. Guests at Bistar are eager to meet other people they can go on trips with, have adventures with or share travel experiences with.