Road Trips just got better in "Caravan Tours" by this State of India

Photo of Road Trips just got better in "Caravan Tours" by this State of India by Map Camera Travel
Photo of Road Trips just got better in "Caravan Tours" by this State of India 1/7 by Map Camera Travel

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Madhya Pradesh Caravan tours are unique in itself. Caravan Tourism is a revolution in the tourism industry in India. Recently, Madhya Pradesh has introduced Caravan tourism to attract travelers from across the globe to fly to this place and witness the beautiful places with comfort and luxury.

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The transport initiative will allow travelers to have a comfortable journey while witnessing the surrounding landscapes of different places in Madhya Pradesh through the caravan window. Different types of caravans are offered by travel companies such as luxury caravans and deluxe caravans. You can choose the Caravan tours as per your requirements and budget.

The caravan is the ideal option to spend the holidays with your friends or families on the road. It is a different travel experience that makes the journey memorable. It comes with luxury and privacy. It takes to your favorite destinations without making you feel tired.

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The caravans are in top-notch conditions to make your trip hassle-free. Caravan tourism is first of its kind in Madhya Pradesh India takes tourists to their desired destinations without costing a fortune to them.

What do you get with Caravan tourism?

Holidaying the Caravan is the beautiful and memorable experience that one has to have in their lifetime. The architectural beauty, waterfalls, museums, shopping areas, rock structure, thrilling caves, breathtaking views, forts, temples, and wildlife make Madhya Pradesh a unique tourist destination.

You can reap many benefits by touring in a Caravan that is otherwise not offered by the other holiday types. Instead of spending a bomb on lavish hotel rooms, you can explore the destination as per your wish by hiring Caravan.

Few of the benefits of having a holiday on wheels include:

Ample Space

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Many people are averted to use Caravans with the stigma that it will be congested and cramped. However, it is just a misconception that you will dismiss when you see the Caravans that are introduced by the Madhya Pradesh government recently. The Caravan can accommodate the whole family and comes with many amenities. It makes you feel like staying home away from home.

The size of the Caravan occupies a little space in the garage or the tourist spots. You can also park this vehicle in small parks and areas where you want to stop for some time. It allows you to enjoy the view of the tourist spot at the best time.

Save Money

When you hire the Caravan for MP caravan tours, you can keep your luggage and belongings in the unique places allotted for them and then sit and enjoy the journey. The best part of Caravan is that you do not have to spend a whopping amount on hotels.

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It saves a lot on your travel expenses, which you can spend to visit more destinations or shopping in the new place. The best part of caravan tourism is that you can either extend the trip based on the budget or abort it in the middle.


Just sky is the limit for your itinerary. You can go to whichever place you want in the Caravan and spend as much time as you wish. There is no need for you to book the hotel rooms or look for accommodation around. It is perfect for enjoying the tour thoroughly.

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You can go to the destination by following the desire of your heart. The best thing is that you can witness the beauty of the landscapes around from the comfort of the Caravan. You do not have to take the stress and pressure of looking out for accommodation or taxis to the tourist spots.


The chauffeur for the Caravan would be experienced and professional in taking you through the routes of various tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh. It assures high safety of you and your family members throughout the tip. The journey will be filled with comfort and adventure on the road. Travelers can halt at the peaceful or serene locations to enjoy the cool breeze or stay overnight.

Types of Caravans in Madhya Pradesh Caravan tourism

Luxury Caravans : The luxury caravan can accommodate eight people comfortably. Many luxurious facilities are equipped in the Caravan. It is no less than a five-star hotel. It has convertible sofa cum bed, spacious restrooms, LCD TVs, home theatre, microwave oven, and refrigerator. There is also a locker to store your valuable items.

It makes you feel like travel and explore places on the move. You can park the Caravan in places surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, or picturesque places to spend time in the lap of nature. The best thing is that the Caravans have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Deluxe Caravans: It can accommodate two adults and two kids. It is also equipped with all the facilities that you get for a luxury caravan.

Caravan Packages Available

The charges for Deluxe and Luxury caravans would differ. The travel agency will arrange the night stay in the hotel that would have the parking facility to park the Caravan safely.

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Here is the Caravan tourism cost and Caravan tourism itinerary that are available :

· Bhopal - Panchmarhi - Bhopal (2nights /3days) - Rs 12,000

· Bhopal - Bhojpur - Bhimbetka - Delawadi - Bhopal (1night/2days) - Rs 9,200/-

· Bhopal - Sanchi - Udaigiri - Bhopal (Day tour) - Rs 4,500/-

· Bhopal - Bhojpur - Bhimnetka - Bhopal (Day tour) - Rs 4,500/-

From Jabalpur

· Jabalpur - Bhedaghat (4 hours /50 kms) - Rs 2,000/-

· Jabalpur - Bargi (8 hrs/100kms) - Rs 2,500/-

· Jabalpur - Bhedaghat - Kanha - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 14,000/-

· Jabalpur - Kanha - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 13,000/-

· Jabalpur - Mukki - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 14,000/-

· Jabalpur - Bandhavgarh - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 14,000/-

· Jabalpur - Amarkantak - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 14,000/-

· Jabalpur - Khajuraho - Jabalpur (3days/2night) - Rs 20,000/-

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can we take the caravans for interstate destinations?

Yes, you can take the caravans to the other states from Bhopal. It is for both domestic and inter-state tours.

Will the driver be provided with the Caravan?

The drivers will be provided for the caravans. However, these people are not tourist guides. They know the routes in Madhya Pradesh well and take you through the safest routes to reach your desired destination. They are well-aware of all the tourist spots in the state. They also know the best hotels and eatery stalls in different places.

What is the capacity of the Caravan?

The Caravan is highly comfortable and spacious. It can accommodate 12 people in its space, and there would be space for eight members to sleep.

What are the features that are offered by the Caravan?

The Caravan comes with many luxurious facilities that you find in the lavish hotels such as television, sofa cum bed, bathroom, fridge, cooking stove, microwave, DVD player, locker facility, and Wi-Fi.

Where can you pick the Caravan?

The garage is the starting point of Caravan in Bhopal. The Caravan will be running within Madhya Pradesh and inter-states. However, the charges will be from the starting point, i.e., from Bhopal to your pick up point and then to the drop point and then to the garage.

So, Brace yourself as it is time to explore the travel destinations in Madhya Pradesh by road in Caravans!