The mystical valley of patalkot ๐Ÿž๏ธ

4th Oct 2023
Photo of The mystical valley of patalkot ๐Ÿž๏ธ by Anushka Amlathe
Day 1

Patalkot is a small hill station in the mystical valley of tamia, situated in chhindwara district of madhya Pradesh.
This underrated gem of a place is a horseโ€“shoe shaped valley which is surrounded by hills. The villages inside the valley is home to tribes and medicinal plants.
The area is spread over 79 km2. Traditionally, the site is believed to be the entrance to Patal. This valley had long been cut off from the outside and was discovered only a few years back. It is now being introduced as a site for eco-tourism by the government.
In the misty monsoon, a road trip to the hearts of nature is what everyone craves. Patalkot can be reached by the road from bhopal to chindwada, which diverge towards tamia. Driving through the forest on those curving road with occasional wild animals crossing. The lush green forest drenched in the rain, smell of moist soil is everywhere.

There are several pathways to reach the villages located inside the valley. Patalkot inhabits the Gond and Bharia tribal communities since its origin. It contains around 12-15 villages and tribes there perform prayer and rituals on a daily basis. They wore traditional dresses and celebrated their festival as well. The tribals are experts at making herbal medicines from native plants. You can even buy these natural medicines that act as natural remedies for most common illnesses. The tribes will also share their knowledge about different medicinal plants and their benefits. We were told that for many years the tribes just came up from the valley just for the salt, everything else they grow on their own. But now the government built a school and a hospital as well.
There are waterfalls and rivers on the way that you can visit during the trip back. There's no form of accomodation in that area yet but we usually make a pit stop at PWD guest house in Tamia.
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Photo of Patalkot by Anushka Amlathe
Photo of Patalkot by Anushka Amlathe
Photo of Patalkot by Anushka Amlathe