A much-needed retreat from work – river rafting in Kolad

9th Sep 2019

A much-needed retreat from work – river rafting in Kolad

The monotony of city life had been getting to me and I was itching to break away, even if on my own. I couldn’t break away far or for too long because I had only weekends off from work which is why kolad rafting seemed like the perfect way to scratch the itch.

Nestled within the lap of the Sahyadris, Kolad is a quaint village located only a couple of hours away from the bustling city of Mumbai. It is the ideal way to spend two days mixing relaxation with a bit of adventure. Rafting in Kolad takes place on the serene Kundalika river which roars into life every morning when the adjoining Bhira Dam is opened.

I was lucky enough to discover Kolad in the midst of the monsoon season because it is during this time that Kolad is at its best. The Kundalika river is vibrant and brimming throughout the year but it is the landscape that varies during the different seasons.

When I went for rafting in Kolad during the monsoon, the mountains and the surroundings were awash with greenery in stark contrast to the perpetually cloudy and grey skies. I was told that the land is relatively barren during the summers and the weather somewhat unbearable. During winters on the other hand, the days are pleasant but the surroundings not as vibrant.

I hired a private taxi to take me to the campsite because it is much safer for a girl to travel this way. You can reach Kolad by other forms of public transport such as train and bus or even take your own car to make for a fun road trip.

I reached the campsite early evening around 5 pm and was immediately directed to my tent. The camp operators were polite and helped me get comfortable rather quickly. I was given some snacks and tea as part of the package to curb the post road-trip hunger pangs. I was told that rafting would take place the following morning and was free to spend the rest of the evening as I saw fit.

I took a stroll around in the light drizzle to catch some clean air and take in the beauty of nature. When I returned to the campsite, I was served a tasty local dinner post which I socialized with my fellow rafters before calling it a night.

I woke up the next morning buzzing with excitement. Post early morning tea, we went to the kolad rafting point. After gearing up and being briefed about the rafting, we tamed the wild Kundalika river over a distance of 12 kilometers as we conquered Grade-II and Grade-III rapids. Exhausted, we took a small dip in the cool waters before going back to the camp for a deserved local lunch.

Post a hot shower, I was ready to head back to the city. I hailed a private cab and was already searching for my next rafting adventure.