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18th Oct 2018
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We set out on yet another road trip to get away from the hustling city vibes and wanting to experience how it feels to be surrounded by nothing but the silence of the nature. If you haven’t already then you must head to Mulshi, a clean and green paradise, it’s a perfect abode to enjoy the much required quietude. Mulshi is located at the heart of Pune, this eco-friendly destination became popular after adventure junkies discovered the stillness while trekking and camping in Mulshi. Our hosts for the weekend had ironically discovered this place while out of their ritual weekend bucket list trek, they built an amazing home away from home, read on to discover all about our experience at the Saffron Stays - Fragrant Sun Property.

We drove out of Mumbai at 10:30 AM. The best suggested route to take to this property is to head towards Bushy dam and Aamby valley. After a scenic 21 km drive and just 2.5 km before Aamby Valley (there is a milestone on the left) take a right turn. It is a broad road which soon narrows and you will find yourself making your way to this tucked away luxury farmhouse. We stopped at Ramkrishna Hotel In Lonavala to get some breakfast to avoid any major traffic. If you decide to take a trip this to place we advice you to download the offline google map location, since the reception in this area is really weak.

We finally reached our destination at 2:30 PM and we were welcomed by a very warm staff & a playful pup - Elfy. The host had kept our lunch ready and seeing the place we had arrived at and the decor of just the kitchen and the reception area, just like that we fell in love with the place before we even explored around.

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The whole setting of this place was incredible and the simple yet tasteful decor just blew our minds. The rooms were clean and spacious with enough room for more than 2 to comfortably settle in. The place was indeed very calm and peaceful, one could just drown into the quiet of the surrounding and nature.

If you have high expectations for good connectivity, wifi, electricity & constantly binge on emails, we would not recommend you to head here, but if you are game to soak into the nature and enjoy the time off, well this is the place you have to put up on your weekend travel list.

The service at the place was very comforting and the couple who own the place were very warm and full of conversations and stories, which made the stay even more interesting.

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The highlight for us was the food! The food was very rich and delicious, most certainly made with a lot of love & personally cooked by the host or overseen by them. Foodie or not you are sure to dig into a third helping. Every meal we ate there was brilliant and we just couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging. Make note that this place is vegetarian and they serve eggs for breakfast. There was a lot of attention paid to the way the food was served and brought out to us. 15/10 in this department!

Things to do -

- Highly recommend you to take a walk/trek around the property and especially head towards the gorge and the lake to take a dive into the clean waters. There are quite a few scenic points.

- They have a few board games, table tennis and a badminton space for you indulge in some sport.

- They have a very playful pup (3 month old) and a couple of other dogs who will surely keep you entertained and guide you on your trek up to the swim in the lake.

- The owner - Kavita is a avid reader and has a selection of books laid out across the whole property and in every room.

- This place is a perfect spot to mediate and for yoga, in general just collect all your thoughts.

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