Getaways Around Pune Under A 100 Kilometers

1st Apr 2018
Photo of Getaways Around Pune Under A 100 Kilometers by Maitreyee

Me and my husband have been struggling forever to match our schedules and go on a nice quick holiday. But everytime I google "Getaways around Pune", I get long even-numbered lists of places in Maharashtra over a 100kms. Other places take like six hours to reach, one-way. But we are not really in a mood for that, so we started making a list of sorts, of places we would like to go to - and we have been cutting things off the list ever since. We explore. We chill. And catch up. Don't get me wrong, we are not the sort of people who love being indoors. But we don't share the same holidays and sometimes, we like to get away (but not too away) and enjoy each others company amidst nature!

So if you are one of those people who like doing nothing in particular and enjoying the "hotel" part of the vacation, this list would be perfect for you! We have been to most of the places on the list, but not all of them. This is just a compilation of my research (and the photos are from their respective websites)

A little tip we live by: Avoid travelling on a weekend. Most of the hotels and resorts have a cheaper rate on the weekdays, than on the weekends. Take a day off from work once in a while, get yourself pampered, rejuvenate!

♦ Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa, Lonavla: This little-known escapade is located in the unfrequented area of Shilimb village, Pavana nagar. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Pune and takes 2.5-3 hours to reach from Mumbai. A basic villa is charged at INR 12,000 including breakfast, with ofcourse extra discounts to the Hilton honors members. They also have excellent spa and yoga facilities. A perfect way to rejuvenate!

Photo of Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa, Shilimb, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Amanzi Resort, Pavana Dam : It is a beautiful resort that sits on top of a hill with great views of the lake. It is approximately an hours drive from Pune and two hours from Mumbai. They charge about INR 13,000 per night, which includes breakfast as well as meals.

Photo of Amanzi Resort, Gevhande Khadak, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

The Machan, Lonavala: It is one of the most sought after eco-friendly tree house resorts in Jambulne, Maharashtra. It is a 1.5 hour drive from Pune, and takes and extra hour from Mumbai. The basic room, a cabin (or woods), would cost INR 8000 per night including breakfast. However, the room is not located at an elevated height. The Machan is situated at a really secluded place, and most networks except Idea and Vodafone would not work there. They have a WiFi service however, which is not included in the tariff.

The Machan

Photo of The Machan, Atvan, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Jalsrushti - the island resort, Mulshi: This is a unique resort at Mulshi, merely 44kms from Pune. It is built around the concept of an island, as the name suggests surrounded by beautiful gardens. They have two types of cottages, obviously in two different price slots. The cottages called Jalaka, which face a man-made pond, are priced at INR 10,700, including all meals and breakfast.

Jalsrushti Island resort

Photo of Jalsrushti Island Resort, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Malhar Machi, Mulshi: This is another resort in the Sahayadris, which gives you great panaromas of the water bodies around Mulshi. It has a rustic design with a huge Maharastrian influence. It takes about 1.5 hours from Pune. A basic room costs INR 12,000 including all meals and breakfast.

Malhar Machi

Photo of Malhar Machi, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Fort JadhavGADH, Hadapsar Saswad Road: It is a heritage resort near Pune. Earlier a fortress, it has been restored into a hotel and instills in you, the beauty and royalty of the Maratha empire. The resort is just 22km from Pune. A nights stay at their basic room would cost you INR 16,000 per night, including all the meals.

Fort JadhavGADH

Photo of Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

L'Attitude by Saffron stays, Kamshet: This is another’s beautiful lake-view property by Saffronstays situated at Kamshet. The drive from Pune takes approximately an hour. Again, you can book the whole farmhouse or just a room, according to your requirement. A nights stay costs INR 4,130 per head. Meals are provided at an extra charge of INR 1,500.

L'Attitude by Saffron stays, Kamshet

Photo of SaffronStays L'attitude, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Fragrant Sun by Saffronstays, Mulshi: A farmhouse with vistas of the Mulshi lake, it is a perfect getaways with friends or family. You can rent the whole farmhouse with three rooms, or a single room, according to your requirement. They have a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a wood-fire oven! The charges per night are INR 7,080 for a couple with an additional INR 1,500 for all meals.

Fragrant Sun by Saffronstays, Mulshi

Photo of SaffronStays Fragrant Sun, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Basho resort, Mulshi: Basho is another easy getaway from Pune which has cottages and tents, both. It is situated right at the backwaters of the dam and their restaurant is quite famous with people who often visit Mulshi. I could not get the latest tariff; however, when we visited a year back, their tariff was INR 8000 per night including breakfast and food (for the cottage). The cottages and tents share a common pool with a lounging area.

Basho resort, Mulshi

Photo of Basho's Resort, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee

Dhepe Wada, Girivan: This is another great heritage resort near Pune which brings alive the iconic "wada" concept, dear to Punekars. It is situated at a distace of 1.5 hours from Pune. A days stay at Dhepe wada would cost INR 5,200 which includes traditional Marathi meals, costumes and games. They also provide one day packages if you don't want to stay there. However, a night's stay is recommended if you want to experience the complete traditions and Marathi grandeur, that is Dhepe wada.

Dhepe Wada

Photo of Dhepe Wada, Lonavala Road, Girivan, Maharashtra, India by Maitreyee