Mahé Tourism and Travel Guide

Situated at the mouth of the Mahé river, Mahe is a beautiful beach town in Kerala that is blessed with the best sceneries and a history that goes back more than two centuries. A former French colony, Mahé has many stunning pieces of colonial architecture. Take the Mahé walkway and continue till you reach the lighthouse to enjoy the beauty of nature just where the river meets the sea. You can also drop by the fishing harbour to witness the Malabar coastal fishing practises. Spend some idle time during the evening on the lamp lit walkway beside the river. You can also consider visiting the many Hindu temples and the Kallapalli mosque, famed for its beautiful steps. Take a walk around the town to take in the beauty of the French culture and buildings. Consider staying at the Hotel French Avenue near the Mahé Walk. Take full advantage of the cheap alcohol prices and consumer goods. This old French enclave will do nothing but please you.
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