I did #SwipeRightToTravel and that is how I welcomed the New Year 2017 …

30th Dec 2016

.. And as it all starts.. It was cold dark night in Bangalore, 5 nomads on a trip to Mahe, rest past the story, enjoying the road trip, the cuts and curves of highways, lost in the jungle, wandering without a map, waiting for 6Pm for the gates to open to cross the wildlife sanctuary of nagarhole, following the lights and the road…the stops of chai sutta….” I met life “.. resonating in the humming sound of the night, the endless roads, the path less taken , the ohh I am so lucky to find an accommodation on new year’s eve, the serenity and vastness of the ocean, the fish curry and appam, the driving beach of Muzhapplilanghad ,the vinegar dripping pineapples, carrots and mangos for brunch by the seashore , the walking in the moonlight with a wish lamp in hand waiting for the clock to tick 12, the new year’s eve celebrations , the toast to a better future, the early morning alarms to discover a new city- Kannur, the one lane roads of Kerala, the lemon soda that costed 3 bucks at St. Angelo’s fort, the photoshoots with the photographer, the tranquility and calmness in the noise sitting on the rocks by the shore , when the water breaks itself into moments bygone, the view of the sunset from the highest point, the chakrasana on the beach, the friends that became family for the days, the fresh air and the stars, the endless possibilities that time beholds…. Who could have anticipated this just 4 days ago when we were still planning weather to confirm the bookings or cancel it.

Travel empowers oneself and liberates the inner soul… and as they say...Once u have visited the mountains a part of u remains there and u tend to visit it again and again the same applies to the sea, that takes in all the negativity and relishes and replenishes u, triggering a positive and everlasting love for itself … and this is how I welcomed the new year 2017 … in the arms of nature and belief …that not all good things are lost , if we have a perspective to see it….!!!

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…up until the next trip this is Pooja signing off…

Photo of Kerala, India by Pooja Gh'