A Guide For Your Low Budget Trip To Malta

9th Oct 2018
Photo of A Guide For Your Low Budget Trip To Malta by ACole

Being a UK citizen from the beginning of my time, Leicestershire to be exact I decided to visit the Island of Malta which my neighbours have been talking a lot about.

Sadly couldn't do more than 3 days due to going for a friend's wedding who is an expat in the UK, hence, that's why the budget of 200 sterling with a stay in one of the most nicest 3 star hotels in Malta paid before hand.

So here's how I spent my 3 days in Malta

Day 1

9 October 2018 was the day of arrival at 10 in the morning, it was quite a cold day but still sunny. In that moment I realised that my neighbours were right to be impressed by how much the sun play a part in the island.

Shortly after I picked up a taxi to go to the hotel I booked at Sliema. Took me about an hour due to high amount of traffic, - it was crazy!

At noon I decided to grab a bite and take a nap due to the 3 hour flight I had in the morning and difference in time zone.

During the first night I decided to get a drink and eat at a restaurant and spend the night quietly - well that didn't go to plan as Sliema turns out it has a night life style of it's own.

Fair to say, I enjoyed it and made a lot of friends with other UK citizens and expats too!

Photo of Malta International Airport (MLA), Luqa, Malta by ACole
Day 2

10 October 2018 was the only full day of the trip and after I woke up I ate the delicious breakfast that the hotel offered. Bar the toast and the protein of the eggs, I spent this day going through the museums and temples that the country offered.

I visited the Tarxien temples, Hagar Qim in Zurrieq and the National Musuem of Archeology. The Tarxien Temple's history goes about 3600 years before christ and it cost me just 6 euros!! There is about 3 parts of the temple, the east, the central and the east.

Then after Tarxien, I tried the Maltese bus for the first time, it wasn't as bad as locals said to be!! From Tarxien to Zurrieq considering I needed to pick up two buses, took me just 30 mins!! (I must say I was lucky that found both buses waiting for me)

Hagar Qim just costs 10 euros and it's definetly worth to watch the beautiful temple. Make no mistake, its not the same as the Tarxien one. The time of building was similar to the Tarxien one but the structure is totally different.

Finally, I picked a taxi to Valletta. What can I say about the Capital City. Beautiful. Simply flawless. Also, they were holding the festivities for Valletta 2018 (not the actual but the preparations was still happening).

But the main spot must be the museum. The National Museum of Archaeology, is the of home of some incredible in the eye baroque architecture. Not to mention the number of other important Maltese artifacts down the years in the country.

After a tiring a day I went out to have fun during the wedding and needless to say it was a blast. Thank you to the bride and the groom!

Day 3

Sadly, it was an end of a good time in Malta. But I was happy, as I found out the island and I am glad to be going again next summer. This time for 10 days!!

In the future I would definitely be interested in letting in Malta!

If I had to rate the holiday I would give 10/10 100%!!