Let's explore the unexplored- Manipur

29th Jan 2013

Northeastern Switzerland Manipur

Day 1

After flying from Kolkata, the plane moves forward towards the North East as the downward trend seems to change. Velvet mountains filled with greenery are known by some utopaalok. It seems as if Alice in Wonderland has gone to the world.

The mountain is no other but the Purvanchal ranges spread north in the eastern end of the Himalayas. The layer rate layer opens up. The small villages inhabited by the mountains of these mountains are the home of tribals found here.

This journey is very pleasant that seems to be going on in search of a magical country. About an hour later, the airplane descends into the middle of the mountains and comes to the place of an oval bowl. Yes, this beautiful city is Imphal. Imphal, capital of Manipur Manipur was once a union ruled state. You are an independent state.

Only the beauty of this place can be said that the natural scenes here are still untouched. That is why this small marginal state is also called the North East Switzerland.

This state has an invaluable gift of nature, therefore, about 76 percent of the land here is surrounded by forest. If you are interested in eco tourism, then this place is like heaven for you.

Located at 45 kilometers from Imphal, the locator Lake is Manipur's largest freshwater lake. This lake's fame is far away. It is the world's first lake where fluting irons are found. This lake is very unique in itself. It is found floating in the grasslands. This Lake house is home to nearly 233 aquatic vegetation, wild birds of more than 100 birds and 425 species. Within this lake are the villages of many fishermen, for whom the locator Lake is the wildlife lake. These people live within the locut. The small grasslands floating on the water resembles the country of a magical world, which today swims here and then goes somewhere else.

In this magical atmosphere full of biodiversity is another beautiful place called Sandra Park and Resort. It is a tourist lodge where the lovers can stay. There is also a beautiful cafeteria. Where there is a snack arrangement.

EMA Market - Market run by 4000 mothers

Although Manipur is the perfect place to watch, Imphal is a place in which many unsurpassed diamonds are hidden. One of which is the EMA Market. It is believed that the market has existed since the sixteenth century. Women who are believed to be the backbone of Manipuri society also conduct this market with full enthusiasm. It is Asia's largest market that women go completely. About 4000 women do business here.

In Manipuri language, Ema means mother. And here are the only ways that shops run. There are two parts of the EMA market: in one part vegetables, fish, spices and other households get similar.

Like the fish, fruit flowers, the same as worship, dry masala, spices and do not know what to do. You will find all of the same needs under one roof. And if you are tired of shopping and hunger too, then in the middle of the market there will be an Emma feeding you freshly cooked fish and rice. Here, along with the other things, there are also small amounts of living kitchens, which provide good food for those who earn a substantial amount of money. Why is not it mother talk Now when the market itself is of mothers, then such views will be seen.

And on a short distance, there is another market where handmade clothes are sold.

Traditional Manipuri costumes and sandalwood long tilak on the forehead, these mothers welcome you with a long smile. From here you can buy the traditional garment of Manipur, and at the same time you can also meet women sitting with a sewing machine.

The best thing about Imphal is that everything here is nearby. Imphal, a city like the oval balls surrounded by green mountains, is a clean city. Here is a little ahead of the EMA market, the martyr's tower.

Martyr minaret

This martyr Minar, built between the beaches of Bir Tikandrajit Park, has been built in memory of the war veterans who sacrificed their lives in 1891 against the British for their native land. There are 34 types of tribal tribes found in Manipur with special attachment to their native land. Say that the relation with the nature of these tribal tribes is unbreakable, which we can see in our entire life.

Polo Ground

This is the world's oldest polo ground behind the EMA market, which is named Magpal Kangjubung.

You will be surprised to know that the polo game played in the whole world is actually a gift of Indians, which originated in Manipur here. The craze for adventurous sports is in the blood of the people here, whose prominence is seen in the game Polo played here for years. Most of the people here are related to some tribal tribe, so their gestures and ways of playing are quite wild. That's why the game of polo played here was very aggressive in the beginning. In which everything was justified for victory. No rule was a law. The players had to win just in any way. Later, the English made rules to play this game and over time it was El refined. Today, the game is considered to be the first choice of the Kullin people, with its fullest and profitable game throughout the world.

In Manipur, the Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association was formed in 1977 to feed the conventional polo game at the international level and Manipur Mongolia, Thailand, France, Poland, South Africa, America and England Polo teams from countries, etc., warmly hosted the teams every year.

In Manipur, the tournament is organized for 10 days at the time of the Shanghai Festival to feed this game at the international level. In which teams come from all over the world. The popularity of this game can be summed up with the fact that there are about 35 polo clubs in Manipur alone.

Manipur state museum

Here is another important place along with the Polo Ground, the Manipur State Museum. It is an important place to visit Manipur's historical-cultural heritage. In this museum, the glimpse of the life of Raj's family of Manipur and the glimpse of tribal life here is found under one roof. The highlight of this museum is the 78 feet long royal boat. This museum is a small-looking museum. 34 Some of the important items related to the lives of tribal tribes and groups. This museum organizes many events throughout the year. This museum opens from 10 am to 4 pm.

Kangla Palace

Within the heart of Imphal City, within a canal area, Kangla Fort Burbus attracts attention to you. This Fort has been the center of Manipur politics for centuries. Its royal door is influenced by Chinese architecture. Within this fort there is also a museum named Kangla Museum. The 7 kings here have ruled this palace. Today some part of this palace has been transformed into ruins. While this palace saw the golden splendor of Manipura's monarchy Pakhangba, in 1891 also saw the dark time of the Anglo-Manipur war. When Manipur was surrounded by three directions. At that time, major damage to Imphal's national heritage occurred. Two white Kangla-shah staats were broken in the courtyard of the Palace. Who was later re-established in the year 2007. Kangla-shah has great importance in the Mitsis society. It was believed that whenever any major concern came to the king, then these national symbols were worshiped. It was the national symbol of Mitchell.

Lord Sanmahi Temple

Here is a very beautiful temple near the Kangla-sha in the premises of Kangla Palace which is named Lord Sanmahi Temple. The construction of the premied architecture is similar. Nature is of great importance in the worship of Matei society. These people worship every thing of nature. This temple is dedicated to Lord Sun. River mountain, sun, moon, forest, organism, snake etc. are sacred to them.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

While all the philosophical sites in Imphal City are engaged in each other, St. Joseph's Catholic Church falls outside of Imphal City. The church is surrounded by crowded mountains, this church is surrounded by mountains. This church is located just 4 kilometers from Imphal City, between a small settlement in Mannipukhkhari.

As you move towards this church, you will not have the impression that soon you will be seen by a beautiful church. The white statue of the Lord Jesus Christ in the courtyard of the church is standing in front of the sky and stands in the direction of praying for the people of this earth. This pink colored building looks very beautiful with blue-rugged tin roofs. You will always remember it as a sample of Manipuri architecture.

Manipur zoological garden

Naturally, the mother of nature has filled her hand with the precious gifts of heritage to Manipur. But due to the lack of time it is sometimes incomplete to see all these things in a journey. You can not even spend too much time trying to do so, in order to see the rare creatures found in Manipur, you can visit the Manipur Zoological Garden. Manipur zoological garden falls on Imphal-Kashup Road, just 7 km from Imphal City. In 1976, this zoological garden was established. This zoological garden is spread over 8 hectares of land. In this 55 species of birds and animals are found. In this zoological garden, 14 kinds of endangered organisms are also preserved. A part of this Zoo is dedicated to preserving and promoting the National Animal Deer Deer here. It is known that only the deforestation is found in Manipur only in the whole world. The Manipur zoological garden is open all week except on Monday. Manipur forest department is responsible for caring for Manipur zoological garden.

Flora and fona

Manipur is also called the country's orchid baskets. Here are 500 species of orchid flora.

Unique Flower Cery Lily

Shirui Hill and its Lilies-Priyojik Akoijam

Shirui Hill and its Lilies-Priyojik Akoijam

A typical flower cerui lily is found in the Siri Hills, located at an altitude of 5000 feet above sea level. It is said that this flower of Lily is born only in Manipur in the whole world. This unique and rare flower was discovered by an English named Frank King Ward in 1946.

This special lily is only born in the month of monsoon. this The peculiarity of the unique lily is that it shows seven colors when viewed with a microscope.

This unique Lilly discovered by Frank King Ward was also awarded to the Merit Prize in London in 1948 by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Today every year in the district of Ukhrul the Sirohi Lily Festival is held with great enthusiasm, which people come from far away to see Manipur.

Many festivals

If it is said that a festival is celebrated almost every month in Manipur, then it will not be exaggerated. Manipur is home to 34 tribal tribes and is an integral part of their lives. Then it will be the Yoshang Holi festival to be celebrated in the month of Phagun or cookie-china-mizo

Code-Festival celebrated by tribal communities

Here in December-January, the Gab-Nagai-Festival is celebrated by the Qubai Naga tribal society, in which the chance of being in the life of the Naga society is given.

Charaoba-Manipur New Air

Manipuri people start their new year in a very unique way. These people devote their devoted food to their devout god and climb on top of the nearest mountain. It is believed that as high as this young mountain will climb up to the height, it will be able to hail in its worldly life.

Ningol Chak-Koba

The Nigol Chak-Coba Festival, celebrated by the Matei community, is mainly focused on women. On this occasion, married daughters and sisters come with their children in the family, whose whole family honors them. A big banquet is organized. In return, these daughters wish for the happiness of their father's family. This festival is celebrated in November, according to Manipuri Kalandar.

Shanghai Festival

The Shanghai Festival is celebrated in Imphal. This festival is dedicated to Manipur's national animal-centric deer. Which provides a glimpse of the lives of all 34 tribal tribes in Manipur. In the Festival Ground, replicas of tribal people's houses reflecting the tribal life of Manipur, where Manipuri women are seen wearing garment on handlooms. On one platform, cultural events are organized every evening, with all tribal groups presenting their folk dances.

Boat race

The focal point of the festival is the central attraction of the boat race here. This race is organized in the canal built in the outer section of Kangla Palace. Manipuri women are present in the traditional doors of Kangla Palace along with a procession, keeping presents for their king in a basket. Races are organized between the men and women by offering a gift to the King. This view is worth seeing.

Manipuri Music and Dance Arts

When it comes to Manipur's excitement, there is no such thing about music and dance. Manipur is famous for its special Manipuri dance in which many types are found. Ras Leela is one of the Indian classical dance arts, which we can also call a dance drama. It is a dance drama based on the love of Lord Krishna and Radha. In this dance drama live singing is arranged. Their costumes are to be seen.

food and drink

 In Manipur, many different types of eating habits are observed. The people here eat fish very fondly. And because there are so many tribal communities here, it is possible to see the inclusion of wild flora in the food here.

The Hindu sect, which primarily serves vegetarian food, is a famous type of Vegetarian plate. It is said that 101 types of food are served in this plate. This plate is prepared on religious occasions, worship, on demanding occasions in the family. The name of this plate is Ushop. It is mainly prepared for people to enjoy God on special occasions in temples.

The resident of this place, Rajendra Singhji, says that it is a special significance of complete integrity in making it. That is why it is all done in bamboos made of banana leaves.

The roots of this special plate are found sometime in the seventeenth century in the time of Maharaja Criminal Singh ji when the propaganda of the Vaishnava sect began in Manipur. At that time a Bengali Vaishnava sage Shantidas Gosain told the Maharaja about the Vaishnava sect and being influenced by his teachings, the Maharaja began to follow the Vaishnava religion and thus the temples were established in Manipur and in these temples, Started to be done. The recipe for vegetarian Bengali food on this plate is very impressive.

You remain like this with me, with any other treasure of precious treasures hidden in the corners of India, we will be reunited again. Keep happy and keep on spinning. Your friend, your friend