Sound of Silence: Camping@ Umiam

18th Feb 2017

Let's Go Camping..

There is a saying – The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page, which is a fact. Travel and change of place imparts new vigour to your mind. Twenty years from now when you look back into your life nothing stays but those crazy adventures you have done with the crazy people around you. Nothing can give you a book full of memories except that one trip for life you have traveled.Every college student must be having one such 'A Trip to Remember' in their life. This is one of the pages from my travel diaries

UMIAM ,many of us is familar with this place..It was a saturday morning as we all planed for a camping because it was weekend. We planed to go Umiam lake which not so far from Guwahati,its about 86km. We were out from home around 4pm.But if you guys really want to have nice view of the lake go by 1pm because at that time, there is less traffic in the way. As it was not a long trip. We just planned to take our tents and some firewood. We reached the place around 19.00hrs . Before reaching the lake there is a road by which you go to UCC peak. We asked some localites ,is there any place to do camping. They said us to go UCC Peak area. UCC peak is about 20 mins away from the main road.As we traveled and reached the place it was dark. Near UCC Peak ,we find some boys as they we were in duty of privately owned picnic spot. We asked them as them can we do camping out here. It was one of the best place we were found in Meghalaya for Camping.For that you need to pay just 400INR to spend a night out there. One of the boy from the group guided us to spot from where the lake was visible in morning hours. After reaching the spot we set our tent.As the temperature was going down,we need to go for bonfire.Around 8pm we went to cook our food. As we were with our canned food that day. Because in day time we were busy in some other work.We enjoyed our own handmade barbecue chicken. So we went cooking with the canned foods. We finished our cooking by 10pm. After that we went for dinner and some time. As it was cold outside we went inside the tent. and start talking silly stuffs.

Also, the best part of the camping was we had alot of fun .You find many spots which has scenic beauty.The way was amazing.We felt like we were traveling in another part of the world.It was such a beautiful place.In the evening you can see the clouds coming down.It appears as if we are covered with clouds all around.It was a wonderful experience. One must definitely visit the place.Travelling is not about just visiting new places, the surroundings teach you alot. The experience cannot be described in words.One should travel inorder to feel it.It was one of the most memorable trip in my diary, so start filling up your diaries.

Some Important Requirements for Camping in winter:

Woods, Kerosene, Blanlets,Water,Jackets & Light.

Photo of Sound of Silence: Camping@ Umiam 1/4 by PRINCE AHMED
Photo of Sound of Silence: Camping@ Umiam 2/4 by PRINCE AHMED
Photo of Sound of Silence: Camping@ Umiam 3/4 by PRINCE AHMED
Photo of Sound of Silence: Camping@ Umiam 4/4 by PRINCE AHMED