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3rd Oct 2020
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Bursting at the seams with the majestic view of mountains, Montenegro is a perfect place to witness scenic beauty. It is a place where the land and sea embrace one another, and the joy of living surrounds you. Montenegro's coastline crams in some of Europe's most astonishing seaside scenery. This place includes a large stretch of crystal-clear waters from which the mountains jut sharply. During summer, the whole place is scented with wild herbs and Mediterranean blossoms.

Ever since the split of the Roman Empire that happened in two 1600 years ago, this city has sat on the borderline between east and west. Montenegro is known for its rich cultural heritage and you can witness this cultural heritage in the mosaic floors of Roman villas, ornate Catholic churches, flamboyantly painted Orthodox monasteries, and much more. It is one of the best places for travellers who want to witness a rich cultural heritage.

Places to Visit:

Ostrog Monastery, Old Town, Tara Canyon, Njegos Mausoleum, Kotor City Walls, Black Lake

Best time to travel:

Want to experience the best weather? Then, check-in to Montenegro between April and September to experience the best weather. The coastal area experiences temperatures around the mid- the to upper thirties, while the interior areas experience slightly cooler conditions. If you're planning to visit the coast, then it is better to skip July and August. It is the time when the beaches get uncomfortably congested. Instead, you can visit Montenegro during June and September - the time when the weather is great.

Activities to do in that region:

If you want to go wild, then step into the rugged mountains of Durmitor and Prokletije. You can also try visiting the primaeval forest of Biogradska Gora, one of the virgin forests in Europe. This place includes a national park as well.

Kayaking - You can try sea kayaking on the Bay of Kotor and paddling along this giant fjord.

Cycling - One of the best things that you can do at Montenegro is cycling along the shoreline of Lake Skadar, or up into the mountainous national parks.

Hiking - Want to have an adventurous experience? Try going trekking to the mausoleum on Mount Lovcen, along with the shores of Lake Skadar.

Essential details you need to know before you start your trip:

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Exchange Rate: 1 ZAR = 0.07 EUR

Language: Montenegrin

Hub Airport: Podgorica Airport (TGD)

Other details:

To get the best deals and offers, you can consider visiting Montenegro between late-October and early-April. Make sure you stick near the coastal area around this time. You can experience milder temperature; the temperature at times fall as low as -20°C.

Flight detail from key location:

Though Montenegro is a small country, it has 2 international airports - one in Podgorica and another one in Tivat. You can also arrive via Dubrovnik Airport, the one near Croatia. This airport is served by a broad range of flights and airlines.

For more details:

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Photo of Destination Guide to Montenegro | Amistad Partners 2/2 by Vigneswaran Rajagopal

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