How to spend time at the airport. #flightzoned

Photo of How to spend time at the airport. #flightzoned by Shalu Gupta

Fear of missing the flight or train is real. We all face that anxiety every time, and the worst ones are the early morning trains/flight. We don't sleep thinking we'll miss and end-up reaching the airport way too early.

Admit it, it happens every time, at least with me. I prefer getting there soon than to fight the anxious thoughts of missing it. However, after all this time, I have learned how to enjoy at the airport if I reach early. No, I am not adding reading a book or watching a movie as an option. A book has always got their admirer's back.

These are for the times when you don't or can't read. Here are some suggestions, give it a try next time-

Check the stores, international brands -

Are you shopping bee? Then don't scroll further to read. You have got yourself a passion that will help you survive early hour with ease. Well, I am not, but stores at Delhi Airport turned me into one. I remember reaching one and a half before boarding. I was going to Orissa. The flight was at 6.55, I mistook it as 6.00, and my cab driver was pretty quick. At T3, for all that extra time, I visited all the international stores one by one. There is a variety of fashion collections at the international airport because of the foreign visitors, off-course. Next time do check out the stores, and you might get to see a type of style you never get to see in the city.

Use your CC benefits-

Are you aware of your credit card points, offers, and benefits you get? Most of us are not. Every credit card gives some discounts and benefits that we can avail of in a situation like these. For example, the HDFC card offers free lounge service at the airport at departure. Turn to the brochure you received with you CC and check out the benefits.

Peak-a-boo at airplanes-

I have always been a fan of airliners. I like studying and staring at them at the airport a lot. I love observing planes and airport staff's efforts, perfection while they maintain and prepare the bird for the next flight.

I admire the ground staff's efforts and skills equally as pilots. They need perfection. At the airport, I believe they are not even allowed to make human errors, and it takes years of experience and lots of practice.

Apart from these, if you are a silent observer type observing passengers can be real fun. You find anxious ones, the professionals, the lovey-dovey, cell-phone moths, the readers, the cool ones, hippies, the overly dressed, sleepy heads, and off-course yourself the observers.

Have a safe flight.