Time X Square by Sanjeev Nanda

5th Jun 2013
Photo of Time X Square by Sanjeev Nanda by sanjeevnanda

In the heart of New York, the Manhattan district is a cultural melting pot. It really gives one a diorama of what the United States of America actually looks like, all layers removed. My trip to the financial district, came with a clause - I was with people I was not exactly fond of. They dragged me to Manhattan, almost on a whim. We were on a project in New Jersey. My colleague coaxed all of us to accompany her to New York, which was not that far away. After a million NO's, I eventually complied. Turns out, these folks were there to basically shop their hearts out. I, however, wanted to explore a destination I could not have otherwise. I managed to sneak out when nobody was looking. I was amazed by the bright lights. the cramped side-walks, and souvenir vendors on every corner - which, ironically, doesn't reflect America one bit. I managed to visit the crossing at Times Square among all the chaos. It was underwhelming. I whiled around for some time, before begrudgingly going back to my colleagues. Turns out they were furious at me for abandoning them. The matter was diffused duly. My colleagues forgave me, and said, "Stick with us now, we're going to Time's Square".