Things to do in Khasab

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Although not known to most travelers, the Khasab  Tours region is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Arabian Peninsula for the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates - mainly from Dubai.

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In Khasab, look for a place to decompress at the weekend (Friday and Saturday); seek the almost untouched natural beauty of its mountains and the calm waters of the beaches; and of course the opportunity to take a dhow tour of the fjords off Khasab .

As is natural given the orographic peculiarity, these dhow tours through the Khor Sham Fjord are the main attraction of Khasab (if not even of the entire Musandam Peninsula ).

Tell the truth, then, that for the thirsty traveler of new experiences there is not much else to do in Khasab.

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There is, of course, the visit to the fort site or the journeys through the mountainous interior of Musandam (which I did not do), but the fjords are really the star of Musandam.

That said, and although it seems like little stuff, it is well worth visiting Khasab. Here are some suggestions on what to do in Khasab .

Walking dhow

Let's start with the walks aboard the traditional boats of the region. A dhow cruise through the Khor Sham Fjord , which they call "Arabia of Norway," is undoubtedly the most attractive activity one can do in Khasab. It is also the most popular among tourists, whether they are inhabitants of Dubai tours or independent travelers.

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That is precisely what led me to Musandam. Impressed by photographs of beautiful scenery mixing tranquil waters with desolating mountains, I did not resist the appeal of Musandam. Even because I love aquatic environments and boat trips. At the end of the tour, I was so satisfied that I would not mind repeating.

Visit the Khasab Fort

As part of the attempt to dominate the Strait of Hormuz, Portuguese forces colonized Khasab and built Khasab Fort - also known as Khasab Castle - in the early 17th century. The Portuguese dominated the fort until 1624, when they were expelled by the oman trips.

The fortress is located practically opposite the imposing Lulu hypermarket, which currently dominates the landscape of the Khasab port area.

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As a result of extensive restoration works carried out in 1990 and 2007, the "Portuguese fort" is nowadays very well preserved. In my opinion, getting to know the fort is one of the must do activities for anyone visiting Khasab .

In the interior of the castle there is an exhibition on the history of Musandam, a model of a summer house on stakes, a model of a Bait Al Quful (a place for storing dates), and divisions displaying old documents, jewels, clothes and kitchen equipment. In the center of the fort there is also a cylindrical tower, inside which displays an interesting film and artefacts related to Omani daily life.

Appreciate everyday life and local customs

Watching is one of the activities I enjoy most on the road; and the esplanades of the cafes are a place of excellence to do so.

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In Khasab there are not properly cafes as we know them, and to stay in an esplanade would only be possible after dusk (during the day the heat is unbearable); even so, a stroll through the streets of the city will suffice to realize the local way of life. The people are very friendly - be they Omani or Indian - and this seems to be a common feature of Oman.

The night is also an excellent time to photograph the main mosque of Khasab, located in the center of the city.

As a matter of curiosity, know that Khasab means fertility in Arabic, and refers to the abundant production of dates and the existence of fresh water.