5 Interesting Ways To Explore Oman


The Omani port city of Sur

Photo of 5 Interesting Ways To Explore Oman by Oindrila Soni

There is more to Oman than the touristy camel rides on undulating sand deserts, and dhow-cruises with a view of the Omani skyline. Ever imagined you could go on a cave tour near the natural springs of this country? Or go beyond learning the melodious Arabic language? Oman deserves a long vacation, and here are 5 rather unusual ways for you to soak it all in:

Escape To Wadi Al Khoudh

Wadi Al Khoud

Photo of Wadi Al Khoud وادي الخوض, Oman by Oindrila Soni

Removed from the big-city-bustle of Muscat, this pristine valley is unaffected by the ticking of clocks. Soon after landing at the Seeb International Airport, take a short drive to treat your eyes to the emerald waters of Al Khoudh, one of Oman’s several beautiful valleys. The trees lining the hills seem to reach for the heavens.

Birdwatch In Barr Al Hikman

Shorebirds flying in Barr al Hikman

Photo of Barr al Ḩikmān, Oman by Oindrila Soni

The Omani east coast is a town square for migratory birds. Don't miss the wondrous sight of the white salt flats coming to life as thousands of herons flap away and squawk as they call out to each other, or that of the slender gulls swooping down on small fishes as they wade through the waters. Observe how easily these creatures leave their homes to explore a foreign land. The pearly peninsula in the winter months is a wetland that doubles as a bird sanctuary. But just as the sun grows in the summers, the avian croaks and clucking noises give way to the soft sounds of salt crushing under the feet of the salt-harvesters.

Relish Kebabs & Sakhana

Omani kebabs waiting to be devoured.

Photo of 5 Interesting Ways To Explore Oman by Oindrila Soni

Oman can cook up a storm in its kitchens, with dishes ranging from the sweet to the extremely spicy! Ever wondered what a vegetarian would do in the heartland of meat-lovers? Well, you’d be surprised with all the delectable veg options Omani cuisine offers. Right from sakhana, the unconventional sweet soup, to the cardamom-spiced coffee-kahwa, their offerings are so aromatic and flavoursome that you won’t be able to wait to dive into the dishes.

Go Diving At Dimaniyat Islands

Oman provides some amazing diving sites such as Dimaniyat Islands

Photo of Ad Dimaniyat Islands, Oman by Oindrila Soni

If you haven’t done “it” before, you can always lose your deep-sea-diving-virginity in the calm waters of Dimaniyat. Only when you wetsuit-up in style and go below the sea-level, will you understand how meditative it feels to swim with the sea-turtles and witness marine-life in the layers of coral reefs. The depths of the seas hold just as much promise as the heights of the tallest cliffs.

Hike Through The Arabian Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Oman

Photo of 5 Interesting Ways To Explore Oman by Oindrila Soni

The literal highs and lows of nature are best appreciated at canyons where one can experience vertigo-inducing heights on the summits and deep gorges in the ravines, almost simultaneously. Oman’s diverse landscape includes its very own Grand Canyon that one would love to trek up. The breathtaking views on the way will only be the icing on the cake (a GRAND cake at that! ???? )! You can also camp under the sunshine till the sky shows you some starry diamonds. There’s no better end to a day than to stargaze and wish upon a shooting star.

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