Things you may not know about Oman – Vibrant culture coupled with an eventful history


An enticing Middle Eastern country, Oman does an excellent job at encapsulating Islamic culture while welcoming the modern era.

Coffee fans

Omanis love coffee. The national drink of Oman, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the country. And Omanis love to drink their coffee with the delicious add-on of dates.

A skilled horse breeder

The Arab horse, also known as the Arabian, is bred on a massive scale in Oman. One of the most gorgeous horse breeds known for its speed and friendly nature, the Arabian is a favourite with the country’s long-standing ruler, Sultan Qaboos ibn Said – it’s said that he has about 1000 Arabians in his stables!

Beautiful topography

The gorgeous landscape of the country creates the perfect background for your wedding. In Oman, there are plenty of special-event-worthy spots within the desert arena of the nation, which makes it one of the best event destinations in the world.


A substance popular in the beauty industry, frankincense was once a delight reserved only for the royalty. The fragrant substance is now a common ingredient in cosmetic products and is found in abundance in Oman.

No terrorism

Oman is one of the safest destinations in the world. The country is terrorism-free, and violent crimes are seldom reported, but you should keep an eye out for pickpockets when you are out exploring.