"Let's Go.." A Call of the Nature..

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Feelings find their way, when we are close to something we love. This was written in Pelling, when I was the closest to one of the tallest mountains, Kanchenjunga. seeing the mountains made me scribe the urge that has become my driving force over the years. The mountains provide you with clarity of thoughts and inner peace to let the words flow into an art. Many artists, poets, scribes, etc have been made while being on the lap of the nature. Life is too short to be surrounded by the force which we do not like. Make your passion your profession, and your life will never be in agony. 

Live and enjoy the most out of the youth and the present, cause one doesn't have control over past and future, its the present we can nurture. 'Live all at once, in the present, cause You Only Live Once.'