Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots

Photo of Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots 1/5 by Shikha Bhatt
Photo of Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots 2/5 by Shikha Bhatt
Photo of Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots 3/5 by Shikha Bhatt
Photo of Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots 4/5 by Shikha Bhatt
Photo of Diveagar: Getting in touch with the roots 5/5 by Shikha Bhatt

Everyone loves to see the unending stretch of water. The ocean is a reminder of force. Force that drives many a natural phenomenon and force that we want in our life. But the place I recently visited was something special. It was not one of those commercialised beaches of




. They were small villages along the coast of


and they were perfect.

My Journey was planned by a dear friend who convinced us to go. The Journey was dotted with small lakes, hills and beautiful photo stops (Just a word I made up for nice places u can pose for a pic ;-). Most of the Journey was through small hills and valleys.

The First stop was Harihareshwar. This small village has a famous Shiva temple attached to Rocky beach is perfectly Located. The beach is attached to the temple. The way to the temple is dotted with small shops selling local artefacts and food items. The Beach is beautiful with rocky shore on on side and sand on the other.

There are a very few restaurants that serve food close to the beach but the food is tasty and home prepared. We had a tasty meal and then headed to the Shrivardhan . The Village Shrivardhan is around 50 min away from Harihareshwar. The beach and the water were so clean , you will not be able to stop yourself from jumping in. There are all sorts of local rides present on the beach. Other fun activities and water sports are also available. The sunset is amazing and the water is very tempting. One forgets the long ride to this place. It was all worth it.

The locals will always give u amazing support even if u dont speak their language. The ride from Shrivardhan to Diveagar is through a thick forest ...and then u drive along the beach . It takes a little over an hour to reach Diveagar. The village is a beautiful spot between hills and ocean. Its not a place where u find big hotels and well finished roads. The local villagers have converted their homes into well furnished motels and the best part...u get to eat the best sea food ever. The place is so embedded in purity and chastity , its so unpolluted and clean , its so nice to escape the rush of the city and get in touch with roots . The village has many motels and they give u home made food cooked. You can stroll down the lanes of the village to find the relaxed rural life. The clean air and silent ambience is great.

The beach of Diveagar is a Jackpot for people who love water sports and they are dirt cheap. The Locals organise them and they can arrange packages for these sports and u can contact them in motels itself. The beach is beautiful and not over polluted or populated. U can have hell lot of time and time passes like sand from ur hand. The spine-chilling water sports is definetly for people who can brave them ( I like my feet firmly on the ground).

The Thrilling water adventure is not over till you visit Janjira . Janjira is about an hour drive from diveagar .Now Jangira does not have a beach but is famous for a old fort that stands ..hold ur breath ..in the middle of the Ocean . The old Fort was made in 11th centuary and was one of the famous forts of King Shivaji . The Ride to the fort is bumpy . There is boat that takes u from the mainland to close to the fort .There is no stretch of water for anyone to land . So one transfers to a small boat that drops u to main entrance of the fort.The ride is extremely dangerous and the small boat that takes u to the fort makes u feel like a adventurer. The balance is of utmost importance cause there is a probabale case of man overboard situation. So holding on to each other is very important before u land on the fort. But the fort is Beautiful. In the middle of the ocean ..it has several breath taking views. Its huge from inside. Though mainly deserted and in overgrown , it gives u an idea of the royal forts . Spread over a area of around 22 acres its strong geographical position implies its significance in maratha history.

 The Trip to these four places was short and satisfying . It made me wonder why do we always have to rush to those commercialised places for our vacations . All these places , in spite of being small villages provided all that one wants from a great trip - nature , enjoyment , comfort , adventure and escape from our hectic lives. People are so friendly and supportive. There is so much culture in these small villages it was great to get in touch with rural and ingenuous side of our world. It inspires you to be simple . Signing off with my favourite picture of the place.