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Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House This one is worth a visit. We've all heard of Anne Frank, we've read her diary, we know what she and her family were put through at a time when being a Jew was considered a crime. This is your opportunity to actually see what they lived through. You will walk through the very house Anne lived in. you will see the chambers where her family was hiding. You will experience her thoughts, her words, her life through the words of those close to her. It brings the entire story to life. I strongly recommend booking your tickets online, else you'll find yourself waiting in line for hours. It ran for about 500 m, I'm not even kidding. And if you have just 3 days in Amsterdam, you do not want to spend so much of it standing in a line.
Nandini Ramesh
28th JuneUsed a combination of Rick Steeves City Centre Walk and GPS My City to design my own walk, by-passing the red light district of Amsterdam Center. We also visited the De Negen Straatjes (The 9 streets) during our walk and this area reminded me of Brigade Road in Bangalore. After our walk, we visited the Anne Frank House Museum. Before our visit, we heard the carillons of the Westerkerk chime away and I got a sense of how this very sound must have filled an 13-year old girl with immense hope for after the war. Throughout the tour of the Anne Frank House, I kept thinking how the actions of a person you don't even know is capable of turning your life upside down. The walk through the museum humbled me and helped me feel immense gratitude for all that I have and shouldn't take for granted!
Divas Bahuguna
Spandan Pathak
Anne Frank HouseThis is the closest I've ever been to a WW2 related site
Makes you reflect and think