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Heineken Experience

This cruise canal starts from an interesting point for all Beer lovers - The Heineken Brewery.
Indu Wary
Heineken Experience
Khushboo Bansal
4. Discover Heineken Experience/ Pubs & Cafe's ????????Hey all you beer lovers, here's a chance to see the whole beer making process of Heineken and at the end also learn how to perfectly pour the beer as a professional. Taste your favorite beer served fresh at the Heineken Experience.Even if you are not a Beer person (like me), taking a tour of the beer making process is fun.You could also go to the cafe's in Amsterdam not for coffee but for weed. Yes, the cafe concept of Amsterdam is focused on weed. Some of things that originate from Amsterdam are - Gin or Genever and Space cake's (believe me you will definitely get a space feeling ????). You will easily get these in any of the cafe's.P.S you get two glasses of fresh beer inclusive in the ticket.Did you know - Heineken is currently sold in over 170 countries ,as they say Heineken is " Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world".
Aakanksha Magan
Or even someone who just wants to have fun! The Heineken Experience is a trip to the Heineken Brewery and Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is not a working brewery but an old one which has been converted into a museum and is open for everyone. The whole experience is just full of wonder and fun and excitement. You need to go there just to feel like a kid who is given the pass to sit on those 4ft and above rides in an amusement park.