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The Bulldog

While I was entering the so called “coffeeshop”, the thought in my mind had magnified to another level with a number of questions going on in my head. At this point, I was so nervous and glad at the same time that I was accompanied by my best friend, who had been to Bulldog before. I don’t think I could have done this alone as a first timer. When I came closer to the counter, I was completely baffled to see such a huge menu of different variants of joints available and how coolly people were legally buying the illegal stuff. Initially, I was actually sort of scandalized and eventually calmed my self. So as a first timer my advice would be to keep your Id with you and go to the counter confidently to ask the weed menu without being shy - that’s why you’re here!!! Choosing from the various options can be a confusing task, incase of that ask help from the attendant behind the counter and he/she will help you clear your queries.