Ephesus 1/undefined by Tripoto


Sharon Phang
We reached our destination after 4 hours of bus ride. Ephesus is another ruin city like Troy (mentioned in my previous post) but in my opinion, this ruin city is far more beautiful and well preserved than Troy. Ephesus is connected to Greek mythology like Troy as well where names like Hercules, Hermes, Nike and Medusa appeared on the monuments. We went in from the East entrance and went along the path until the "car park" area seen above. Now I am starting to wonder, have I missed out the Temple of Artemis?! I think I really did missed out the Temple of Artemis. I think I have learn and see a lot of things in Ephesus. I always have a thing on history and I am so glad to be able to time travel, back to the venue where everything once happened. This is definitely one of my favourite attraction in Turkey. Do not miss out Ephesus if you are going to Turkey! And don't forget to purchase the audio guide!