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Coffee Museum

Garima Behal
After spending about 45 minutes in the midst of nature, we headed out to the next stops, namely the Coffee Museum and the Tribal Museum, both of which are located in close proximity of each other.
Sanjiv Shivan
Next destination was the Coffee Museum which is just a 5min ride from where we had our lunch, (Mayuri Resort), you can witness the coffee churning out of the dried coffee seeds. Evolution of coffee is depicted beautifully through statue's. You can even taste some best coffee and coffee chocolate in the nearby shop.Now we moved to the Botanical garden and the tribal museum. For me there wasn't much to see in both of the places as I've seen many spectacular gardens than this. Tribal museum is where you can buy some wooden antiques as souvenir.
Varun Suchday
Sip the aromatic, earthy coffee at the Coffee MuseumThe coffee museum in Araku Valley takes you on an educational journey of the humble bean that came to dominate our lives. The museum exhibits the discovery and history of coffee, different bean varieties, and the modern coffee-making process from seed to bean. One section is dedicated to the Indian coffee industry. Don't leave without trying one of the coffees on the menu. Its floral aroma and crisp earthy taste will infuse life into your soul.