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Tribal Museum Araku

Garima Behal
The Tribal Museum is another good spot, if you wish to learn of the local history and about the many indigenous tribes inhabiting this part of the Eastern Ghats. Due to limited time, we decided to skip this museum, which appears like this, from the outside:
Varun Suchday
Learn about the local tribes at the Tribal MuseumThe Tribal Museum takes a leaf out the coffee museum's book and carefully describe the exhibits. You can see clay figures clad in tribal clothing engrossed in daily activities. Tribal house models are also present within the museum with tribal jewellery and hunting tools.Hours: 9am to 6pm, open all the daysWitness the pulsating Dhimsa dance
Sarabjeet Singh
The museum provides a peek into the life of tribal people. It shows about their accommodation, occupation, art and culture through well-carved effigies. There is a hut which hosts several seeds. Live pottery can be experienced within the complex.