Keri Beach (Querim Beach) 1/40 by Tripoto
December - May
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3 out of 14 attractions in Arambol
Anchit Ahuja
From there on, we moved to the northernmost beach of Goa, Querim beach. Goa and Maharashtra are separated by a river near here. This beach was more of a dumping ground for old boats, as we couldn't find anything apart from that over here. From there, we cam back to campus after a tiring yet, exhilarating road trip.
2. Querim BeachAlso known as Keri beach among locals gives a splendid view of Tiracol River meeting Arabian Sea. Though not suitable for swimming because of high waves, it provides a perfect escape into lap of nature. This beach is still not commercialized, attracting the tourists searching for a calm and quite beach destination.
had gone there for a site visit, it's a small village on Goas north border. good ppl, good food, connected to nature.
Sreshti Verma
Keri is the northernmost beach in Goa. Its beauty lies in the clean white sand, strong waves and the fact that you can see a river meeting the Arabian sea. A quiet beach with a few shacks, this is of those hidden places in Goa which solitary travelers run after.Across the river stands the Tiracol Fort which is now a resort. 12. Fort Tiracol
It is the northernmost beach of Goa. Located at a distance of 30km from Mapusa, Querim Beach is still virgin from the pangs of commercialization and can be called as a seaside marvel. Exquisite seafood in the shacks, perched on its white sand, is not to be missed.