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Gudauri was cold. We expected colder. But it was just ok cold. We went to Kazbegi. Saw some patches of snow clad mountain. Would have looked amazing if it was more than a few patches. Lesson learned; Gudauri at its best is in November end or December. But on the brighter side, we could visit the Gveleti waterfalls. So this is not one of those touristy places. It’s a lil off track. But its so worth. We took our 3 years olds too. Well that is not advised because we had to stop in between. The route to the top is messy and too narrow for kids of that age. One of us had to stay back with the kids, while the others saw the waterfall. SO we don’t have a group pic but we all definitely enjoyed the waterfall. We also went to the Russian Border, more like Georgian exit to Russia. We stayed two days in Gudauri and flew back to India on the 8th day.
Ankita Prasad
Higher!! And to the sky?
Yukti Art
Our local guide which guided thru Georgia with all faith and trust between us though not knowing each other was a great experience. I am jumping in everything I have,whether I sink or swim,atleast I took leap of Faith.Also the picture is taken from such an angle that it looks like a stunt.
Yukti Art
Gudauri is known for the winter ski resort and is the most cheapest ski in whole Europe. In summers it is covered with green grass and horses roaming wildly which is also a perfect place for nature lovers and sport lovers.