Tokyo Tourism and Travel Guide

Nothing can beat enjoying Sushi in its homeland. Tokyo, known as a global metropolis, is truly traditional from the heart. The capital city seamlessly combines modern with tradition. From monasteries to ultramodern bullet trains, the city can take you on a ride from past to future. Take a leisurely walk in the old Kyousuke garden or visit Shibuya and Harajuku to get to know what Japanese pop culture is all about. Tokyo is always moving, it is a city with unrealistic skyscrapers, vibrant nightlife and unlimited options for shopping. The best time to visit Tokyo is during the Cherry Blossom Festival when several parks in the city are opened for visitors to come for picnics under the pink blossoms. Try some of the best local brews of Japan in Tokyo and learn about the ceremonial use of this rice wine in Japanese culture. Tsukiji market can be a good option, to begin with.
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