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badami bhootnath temple

Raghav G
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is carved out of sandstone that is situated on the eastern side of Agastya tirtha or Agastya lake. The temple is built in the style of early Eastern Chalukyas that is a blend of North Indian and early south Indian architectural styles. This temple is one of the major attractions of Badami and you just cannot miss it if you are visiting Karnataka. I took an hour to tour the complete temple and its surroundings which was completely mesmerizing.
A beautiful lake next to an old temple facing West. Probably picture perfect location for viewing Sunset. But dont miss out on the carving behind the temple. Usually you see young boys who guide you around these sites. Its up to you, you may deny taking their help. The huge rock behind the temple can be climbed by a small trek. Right outside the temple premise you can see markings on stone with white paint. You can view Badami from the place less traveled by :)