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Seminyak Beach

Dominic Liang
We must have taken a sanoor around 11 AM and the waves hadn't calmed down yet. Our ship did jump a few times in the air due to the uneven waves and the speed could make us feel the splash. A safe one yet something to remember!Seminyaak is the party hub of Bali and the parties are crazy here! Though we do not fancy partying a lot! We stayed in U Paasha and this place is centrally located giving you access to all the beaches. We chilled here and I was still reminiscing my snorkelling experience back in Nusa. The first night we went to La Favela and I tried the Arak (the local Bali Whiskey) which was really good. And the bar is decent though we left around 11:30 PM. I've heard it gets crazy after 12 AM and there are people still flocking over and the party goes on till 4 AM. I guess that's the norm of partying in Seminyak.
2. Sea Circus
"Pura Masceti Ulun Tanjung Petienget" temple
Rachael Pereira
It's known as Bali's heart if oceanfront. It's surrounded with beach bars , restaurants and beach clubs. It's a wonderful beach holiday destination by itself. .3. Jimbaran Bay
Marigold Odyssey
We reached Seminyak on our fourth day at our new airbnb stay. Tired from the day before, we decided to relax and not do much. Kuta and Seminyak are much commercial places and little overcrowded too.They are filled with fashionable cafe and restaurants,Spas,Boutiques.But,yes it serves an amazing night life and you feel safe even its 12am.In the evening, we went to 66 beach, yes, that is the place where I had the best mock-tail of my life (much better than the non alcoholic options available usually in any pub etc). I walked for over a mile all by myself for a quit lone time by the sea and returned back to a pleasant sleep with good dreams.Well that's pretty much how day 4 was.