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Seminyak Beach

Jennifer D'mello
We visited the Seminyak beach and chilled in Seminyak during the day. It was great chilling just by the beach sipping a great cocktail! We also tried some Indonesian local beer that was good!We visited a café nearby that had great artwork with some colorful highlights all over. It was totally Instagram Worthy!
Dominic Liang
We must have taken a sanoor around 11 AM and the waves hadn't calmed down yet. Our ship did jump a few times in the air due to the uneven waves and the speed could make us feel the splash. A safe one yet something to remember!Seminyaak is the party hub of Bali and the parties are crazy here! Though we do not fancy partying a lot! We stayed in U Paasha and this place is centrally located giving you access to all the beaches. We chilled here and I was still reminiscing my snorkelling experience back in Nusa. The first night we went to La Favela and I tried the Arak (the local Bali Whiskey) which was really good. And the bar is decent though we left around 11:30 PM. I've heard it gets crazy after 12 AM and there are people still flocking over and the party goes on till 4 AM. I guess that's the norm of partying in Seminyak.
Barbie Goyal
Next we went to the Seminyak beach and walked along the shore. There is a nice swing by the beach. Just grab a BINTANG (the local beer in Bali) and just hang by the beach!Bintang Tip: Try the Bintang Radler, it tastes like Lemonade!
2. Sea Circus
"Pura Masceti Ulun Tanjung Petienget" temple