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This Rainbow Village In Indonesia Is Here To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Instagram Feed

If you want to adorn your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures, your next trip should be to the brightly-coloured small village of Kampung Pelangi in Indonesia.

Where is it?

Kampung Pelangi literally translates to the ‘rainbow village’, which is what the village popularly goes by. Earlier known as Kampung Wonosari, the village is located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Photos of Kampung Pelangi Banjarbaru, Jalan Kemuning, Loktabat Selatan, Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan, Indonesia 1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Transformation from a slum to a tourist destination

The village of Kampung Wonosari used to be a slum with an unclean river and dirty streets. To change that and turn the ramshackle village into a worthy tourist destination, a transformation was initiated.  

The local government pledged a total of 22,000 USD to the transformation. Over 220 houses of the village were painted with an enamouring array of primary hues and pastel colours. The credit for building the Instagram-worthy village goes to a 54-year-old school teacher who was inspired from other Asian areas, which saw the same transformation.

The mayor opened the transformed village to the public after putting in a few strokes himself. The makeover was a resounding success, in the sense that since, tourists have been flocking in swarms from near and far to get a glimpse of the Rainbow Village. As a result of the rise in the number of tourists, the economy of the village has also been flourishing with a flux in the sale of indigenous food items and souvenirs. A few coats of paint have done wonders for the people of Kampung Pelangi. And this has only encouraged the villagers to expand the plans of beautification of the village.

Photos of  1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Why you should visit

Each house in the village is coated with at least three colours. The walls, windows, doors, roofs, floors, roads, streets and even the railings and bridges have been painted in bright shades of red, blue, green, purple and yellow. Besides the wonderful spectrum of colours, there are also interesting drawings, sketches and portraits to add to the beauty of the village.

Tourists strike amusing poses against these drawings to get the perfect click in the Rainbow Village of Indonesia.

Photos of  1/1 by Tanishka Goel

A popular tourist attraction now, Kampung Pelangi is a must visit for any travel enthusiast. The candy-coloured wonderland makes for an awe-inspiring site for the eyes. The coloured roads and houses extend up to the hillside looking like nothing less than an arch of a rainbow, living true to its name. Thanks to social media, #kampungpelangi has become extremely popular and has been trending all over Instagram, spreading word about the Rainbow Village. In a short span, the village has become an Instagram sensation with thousands of people posting pictures with the brightly-coloured village in the backdrop. The revamping of the village has induced it with a lively atmosphere.

Photos of  1/1 by Tanishka Goel

If you are seeking to improve your Instagram aesthetic from okay to mind-blowing, book a flight to Indonesia right now and rush to Kampung Pelangi to get those amazing clicks!

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