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Ngurah Rai International Airport

All flights to Bali arrive at the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. Pre-book a transfer so that your cab is waiting at the airport when you get there. Just ensure you have a stable internet connection for coordination as the airport wifi might not be the best. Drive to your hotel before starting your exploration.Day 1: Seminyak or Canggu
Priyam Ratnam
Day 11- I took a grab taxi to the Airport which charged INR 300/- At airport I spent rest of the money to buy some gifts for my folks in India.This time I had a 9 hr long layover at KLIA2. I had access to free airport internet, so I called up my family and friends and shared my vacation story. It wasn’t that boring this time. :PI reached India by 10.30 PM of the same day and the trip ends here.Few years ago, I read a book which left a mark on me, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was a story of a woman who traveled to 3 I’s. Italy, India and Indonesia. I was happy to strike out this one from my list. :D.When we talk about Bali, people tend to think about Parties. Bali has good spots for Parties, it can also serve as a hot honeymoon destination, but it has a lot more things to offer. I am not a party person, but I never got bored during the entire trip.Additional Tips:1. Bargain a lot- You can try to slash the price of things you buy in the local market by 4 times. The economy is based on tourism, so locals quote quite high prices for everything.2. Do not fall for driver scams- Take quote from 3-4 drivers and check prices on Grab app to get a comparable quote. Do not believe in the drivers you meet at Padang Bai Port while coming back from Gili, go for the bus ride which the Boat operator offered you in the all-inclusive ride to Gili.3. Food- It is not an agricultural economy and people are not familiar with the distinction between veg and non veg food. If you do not eat eggs you will have to introduce yourself as vegan here and the food options will be limited. Indian food is a bit expensive, but you can choose to eat vegetarian version of Mie Goreng or Nasi Goreng i.e. fried noodles and fried rice. Do not forget to try out huge Nariyal pani here and it can range from INR 12/- to INR 200/- depending on the place you are having it. Queens’ Tandoor, Tiffin Bali, Aquaa, Spice Mantra, Pesona are few good options to have vegetarian food. You can check the location on Zomato, you may get few more vegetarian/ Indian options.4. Insurance- I also took a travel insurance from Policy Bazaar which covered baggage loss, and medical expenses as well and it costed around INR 950/- It is advisable to spend a bit more to buy this insurance and cover your travel.5. Safety- Bali is extremely safe for a female solo traveler. Also, your safety is in your own hands so follow your gut and do not take unnecessary risks when your hearts says no.6. Hotels- I booked my hotels through Agoda as it guarantees cheapest price. I chose 'Pay at Hotel' for most of the properties to accommodate any last minute changes without having to compromise on booking guarantee.So, what are you waiting for, start planning a trip to Bali? For more questions, you can connect with me over Instagram @priyam.ratnam.Frequent searches leading to this page:-top Bali tour packages with price, Bali honeymoon package from Delhi India, top places to visit in Bali for honeymoon, best places to visit in Bali for honeymoon, best places to visit in Bali Indonesia for honeymoon, best places to visit in Bali for bachelors, best places to visit in Bali for singles
Wandering Monk
This is the final video of my Bali trip, in this video I have summarised my trip along with sharing All you need to know about Bali, like, where to stay, best season, using Forex cards & Scooter rental Etc.Click the link to watch the complete video.????*This video has English Subtitles.#wanderingmonk #indonesiatourism #bali #thebaliguideline #balicili #wonderful_places #wonderfuldestinations #explorebali #balitourism #baliallyouneedtoknow #KLIAtransit #BalitoMumbai.
We landed in Bali at around 2 pm in the afternoon. Considering Bali’s no visa policy, we cleared our immigration very soon. As soon as we came out we saw a few mobile network operators desk and decided to buy a local SIM card (our first mistake). The SIM cards were pretty expensive (they charged us 1.5 IDR- the service provide was XL) and had very low talk time. However the 11gb data did suffice the 5 days of our trip. I would also recommend that if you can, then pre book airport transfer to hotel via Klook. The prices quoted by the airport cabs are quite high. However it is negotiable. So never settle for any price without bargaining. We finally got a cab for 1.75 IDWe headed to our resort, Grand Barong in Kuta. We chose Kuta for many reasons - the primary reason was that it is the party capital of Bali, secondly it has lots and lots of roadside cafes and stalls, thirdly you can definitely minimise your to and fro commute from the airport. However if you are neither a party person nor a foodie but a posh beach person, you can chose Nusa Dua beach to relax in the resort. Because Nusa Dua has nothing but some of the amazing beach resorts. The roads in Kuta are very very narrow and it is quite surprising to see the vehicles plying without any difficulty. Well hats off to the drivers
Tapan Shivpuri
The moment you step out of airport u would be flooded with taxi drivers selling you that cab ride which u would desperately need.