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Revolver Espresso

Saurav Basu
First breakfast in Bali - and I love to kickstart my day with an Americano or Espresso. Revolver Espresso - is a gem of a place, tucked away from the main street of restaurants. It's not very easy to spot, as you have to take a slight detour through a narrow lane from the street - but have your GPS on, and keep looking around - you should be able to spot a board which shall direct you here. Once I reached here - the narrow door actually opened up to a much larger place, which was surprisingly quite crowded as well (at 11am). What you see on my table - Gypsy Joker (Kale, Avocado, Grilled Chicken and Poached Egg salad topped with Feta), along with a long black and an espresso martini (because vacay!) There's a lot online mentioned about being mindful / avoiding drinks which have arak (local alcohol) as base - as it's not manufactured properly and can have methanol. Make sure, you are having arak based drinks at good places - as going in for cheap alcohol may not be the best idea at times. Good bars make sure arak is sourced from trusted manufacturers, which won't have methanol contamination. This becomes important - especially if you're traveling solo.
Swetha Kumar
Address: Jl. Kayu Aya, Gang 51, Seminyak & Baby Revolver at Jl Petitenget #102, SeminyakContact: +62 851 0088 4968Opening Hours: Daily, 7 am – 6 pmYou wont be able to miss this cafe because this is right near the shopping street at Seminyak Bali. You should definitely get a seat close to there pink wall for some amazing clicks. They serve one of there own rostered coffee's with an Australian touch along with some delicious food.Must try- Killer Chiller espresso, Smashed Avocados, Tiramisu.