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Casa Batllo

Moushumi Ghosh
First stop was Casa Batllo. We had reserved the Gold tickets and highly recommend reserving tickets online in advance. Pro tip: At the door there is a large crowd and you don't want to be disappointed if the tickets are all sold out. Most monuments and gated building throughout Spain follow crowd control by means of selling only certain number of tickets that are timed throughout the day. I cannot stress this enough - buy tickets online in advance of your trip. It saved our skin several times throughout the rest of our trip.The Gold tickets were well worth the money. You can enter as soon as you arrive and get a few more extras too like a 3D overlay for the rooms to show you what the architect must have imagined when designing the rooms, vintage photo session, private rooms not open to rest of the visitors and free cancellation. More info here.
Paul Belly
#2. Casa BatllóIf you plan to renovate your home shortly, I will recommend you to take a lesson from Casa Batlló. Josep Batlló in 1900 purchased this old house in 1900 citing its central location and in 1904 hired Gaudí to demolish it and build a new house in its place. But Gaudi convinced him that a little renovation would be sufficient. Staying true to the word, he completed the assignment in 1906. He transformed the look of the building including façade, roof, tower, and noble floor. Stained glass of the noble floor, dragon roof, stairs, and arcs will make your jaw drop.
Shailja Daga
Casa Batllo is one of the masterpieces that have been remodeled in the nineteenth century in Barcelona. It accommodates unique architecture and two ornamental pillars at the entrance of the terrace. The built up of the place is extraordinarily outstanding. To witness a beauty like this and capturing your honeymoon memories will give you a thousand reasons to praise your honeymoon visit to Barcelona.
Iris Milton
Casa Batlló belongs to the late creations of the great architect; he worked on this project over the age of 50. The Casa Batlló was built in 1877 and commissioned by Lluís Sala Sánchez and then bought and renovated by Gaudi for the textile tycoon Mr. Josep Batlló I Casanovas in 1900-1906. The main facade is impressive as if a giant dragon lay down on the entire length of the construction. In its design, you will not see straight lines. Wavy outlines are everywhere.
Khushboo Bansal
Get an enchanting view of Casa Mila/Battlo – These are the two iconic buildings of Barcelona. Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera is a modernist building with amazing architecture. I liked Casa battlo more than casa mila. Do not miss to take a tour inside casa battlo, its a little expensive but totally worth visiting.