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Gothic Quarter

Adwita Pant
The best part of La Mercè is that there is always something to do on the streets. The moment you feel bored, head out and you’ll bump into some epic street performances. And not just the ones you catch at the metro or with random people playing – these are professional performers. Feel free to dance away – you’ll see many joining in!
Adwita Pant
The word Correfoc in Catalan means the fire run, and this is exactly what it is. The main street becomes the venue for the parade, which consists of people dressed as devils and monsters. The participants get structures of mythical beasts like dragons, armed with fireworks and pyrotechnical displays.And these are not just teenagers or kids or young adults – these are full-grown adults, some easily in their 70s, guzzling cervezas, pretending to be devils and getting kicks out of throwing fireworks at the bystanders. The constant drums in the background add to the whole setup – making it seem like a war between evil beasts and humans!
Namrata Bordoloi
One of my favorite places in the city is the Gothic Quarter. The medieval buildings with Roman architecture, neo-gothic facades, narrow streets, and old churches will take you back in history. It is a hub for artists and photographers who try to capture its essence in the drawings, paintings, or photographs. The surreal ambiance of the Quarter leaves one with feelings of awe and wonder.
Divas Bahuguna
Manali Kirkire