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La Boqueria

Alexandra Kovacova
La Boqueria market is my favorite market place in the world. On my many visits to Barcelona I make it a point to never leave out this place. La Boqueria is just a few meters from the Barcelona Metro Station Liceu, the same as from Barcelona bus 14, 59 and 91. It was open for the first time already in 1217 known as Mercat Bornet. Later known as Plaça Nova and Plaça del Pi. It was mostly selling fish and meat until recently adding fruit and vegetables. The metal roof consisting still at the present dates back to 1914. I walked up and down Las Ramblas hundred times. I just love the place and its vivid atmosphere. Never noticed the market in one of the little streets though until a friend of mine invited me for a fresh juice. Fresh meat on the left, different kinds of chocolate on the right, then ice cream place and fresh fruit and vegetables, and fresh fish in the back. All displayed in an unbelievable nice perfect way, one would think the whole fruit pyramid would fall down only if you blew a little there. From small to huge, round to oval, probably all the possible shapes and colours.