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La Rambla

Shalbha Sarda
The thriving beach scene of Barcelona is what gives this city a unique character. Just minutes away from the city center, the Promenade's modernity is what stands out immediately. It is surrounded by alleys dotted with Gaudi's Architecture, Latin quarters and Gothic churches. And all of them open out to a large 4.2 km stretch along the beach that was constructed ahead of the 1992 Olympics hosted by the city.
Moushumi Ghosh
We cut across from that plaza into La Rambla to walk to our next stop, the Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument). We didn't spend a lot of time on La Rambla which is very crowded street and we wanted to avoid tourist traps which we had heard a lot about. Lots of vendors on either side of the street. The street itself has a wavy surface to represent the water that used to flow through it a long time ago. There is also a bird market here which we didn't see. At the end of this street is the looming 60m tall Columbus monument.
Adwita Pant
Papier-mache giants roam the streets of Barcelona, guided by the humans inside them and a team of people directing them where to walk. Not just walk, they dance, hop, jump and make merry.The giants parade happens twice – one during the night, when the giants are unveiled. And the other, during the morning on the final day of La Mercè. The giants take over the entire city in the morning – wherever you go, you see a few dancing!
We wanted to have a glimpse of Barcelona nights (of the places we visited in the day). So we thought of taking another round in Blue line bus from Barri Gotic (without hopping off this time) until it dropped us back at Placa De Catalunya at 9pm. And that was an end to a beautiful Day 2 in Barcelona.
Shailja Daga
The most popular street of the city where the hustling and bustling life of Barcelona can be witnessed by the tourists. It is named 'La Rambla' as the place is a series of various streets having a distinct feel. The place is loaded with performances, tourists, bars, restaurants, shops etc.