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La Rambla

Shailja Daga
The most popular street of the city where the hustling and bustling life of Barcelona can be witnessed by the tourists. It is named 'La Rambla' as the place is a series of various streets having a distinct feel. The place is loaded with performances, tourists, bars, restaurants, shops etc.
Payal Shah
DAY 1 - As soon as we landed from Marrakech to Barcelona we took a cab for our hotel.We stayed in Auto Hogar which is 5 mins walk from La Rambla. We decided to stay in a hotel closer to the most happening Area of Barcelona and it is the city centre so everything is available nearby and most fun places are near.we decided to visit La Rambla street have wine and food and relax on the first day.We started with the same and had a great evening exploring the street and shopping.
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
I just had until 11 am on my third day in Barcelona. After an early morning stroll on the La Barcelonata beach, I packed my bags. Although I was all set to leave for Girona, I was in no mood to say "Chao" to this beautiful city, yet. (Article on Girona, Costa Brava, Besalu and Banyoles, coming up soon!)MAIN EXPENSESEntry fee to Casa Batlo and train to Montserrat- 19+22=41eurosStay – 17 x 3 = 51 Euros at Hola Hostel (probably the cheapest you can expect, especially for a B & B)Metro – 3x2 = 6 Euros (appx. 10,500 INR)
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
I definitely deserved a good meal for all the walking I did, that day. The local cuisine is based on seafood. And the Paella was one popular dish. Most eateries that lined the street leading up to La Ramblas, sold Paella for 7-8 euros. But somehow I only felt the thirst to explore more. The feeling suppressed my hunger. And anyway, I didn't eat sea food. So I grabbed a bottle of pineapple juice from a supermarket. Here, I met another Indian. The manager at the store. I was happy to learn from him, that many local shopkeepers came from India.I paid him after our short-lived conversation. And the earnest man even returned the one extra euro that I had given him, accidentally.I saved a good half an hour that I would have otherwise wasted away on lunch. May be I was going overboard. But when you are on a tight schedule, it is important you choose wisely. However, I took out 10 minutes to admire the harbour. I sat there, sipping my juice. I sat there contemplating the events of the day. Almost immediately, it was the incident that had just taken place in the shop that got me thinking. It is strange how we fail to notice all those wonderful things about our own people and motherland, while we are busy appreciating others. In my eyes, that Indian store manager was a star.
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
It was 2:30 pm. And I was walking towards La Ramblas. La Ramblas is a street side market, which sells queer yet amazing stuff. The harbour where cruise ships dock, is visible from the street leading up to this market.
Sakshi & Deejay
Vibrant! Be careful of pickpockets though
walk area a lot of people a lot of shops be careful with you things there are pickpockets everywhere
Sharon Phang
A local market where local people and tourists visit. You can get to taste lots of local foods from sweets to pizza. There is a very fancy egg hut that I find it fancy :)
Alexandra Kovacova
La Rambla is the busiest tourist streets of Barcelona and a great place to hunt for some souvenirs. It has little kiosks in the middle and shops and restaurants on the sides. Being a place of many artists, from street traders, pantomime, dancers, break dance guys, painters will keep yourself busy for a while. An interesting note - Want to see a different side to Barcelona? Walk La Rambla after 5am to see all the prostitutes and dangerous homeless people.
Carmen Rider
It gets its name from a seasonal stream (“raml” in Arabic) that once ran here. It was outside the city walls until the 14th century, and was built up with monastic buildings and palaces and in the 16th to 18th centuries.