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La Sagrada Familia

Iris Milton
Sagrada Família or the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family is Antonio Gaudí's main masterpiece, to which he devoted 43 years of his life between 1883 and 1926. The Temple is the last unfinished work of Antoni Gaudi. The church was commenced under architect Francisco Paula de Villar in 1852, but has not been completed yet. Completion of construction is expected not earlier than in 2026. Thanks Gaudi’s ambitions, the Church of the Holy Family became a unique combination of Art Nouveau and Gothic style. The facades of the cathedral today are decorated with sculptures depicting not only biblical characters, but also animals, grapes and various symbols reflecting facts from the life of Saints. Inside the cathedral will resemble a forest, with stars staring through the branches of trees.
Khushboo Bansal
Discover La Sagrada Familia & Gothic quarter – One of the masterpiece’s by Anthoni Gaudi, also called as God’s architect. (He was knocked down by a tram in 1926 and he died 3 days later) Sagrada Familia is being constructed for more than 100 years now and is expected to be completed by 2026. One of the beautiful cathedral’s I’ve ever seen. I was awestruck by its beauty and just sat there admiring the church. Tip – Avoid going on weekends, as you will end up in long queue’s.Gothic quarter -Visit this place to witness sublime cathedrals.This medieval quarter is a quaint, traffic-free world where almost every architectural detail seems frozen in the middle ages.The interiors are beautiful and you can go at the top of the church and get a spectacular view.
Klaudia Horvath
I've always wanted to see Barcelona and in 2015 my dream came true. Finally, I managed to take a trip to this beautiful Spanish city. I was very excited at the airport. I couldn't wait for security control. I almost gone insane. Then, finally I got on the plane and it took off. I became very tired during the flight so I couldn't wait to get in bed. It was 1 am. We arrived at our hotel (which was the Hotel Sagrada Familia) at 1:30 am. This hotel is next to the Sagrada Familia, just about two streets far.
Kapil Kumar
The next day was reserved for Gaudi's magnum opus , La Sagrada Familia and stunning masterpeice that is Park Guell. La Sagrada Familia feels like walking into Gaudi's dream, its awe inspiring beauty and the sheer scale of Gaudi's vision will move you to tears (I kid you not!). While spectacular views from the top at Park Guell, bold colors and impressive marriage of nature and design makes this one the most surreal creation of Gaudi. He is called "Gods Architect" after all.
Sakshi & Deejay
Unique architecture. First glance makes you go 'whoa'
a m a z i n g
Sharon Phang
A piece of art which is so loved by my baby boy, and now has become one of my favorite too! Any one of you out there have any idea who was the architect for this magnificent masterpiece? He is non other than Antoni Gaudi. I fell in love with all his work after visiting them! Then we went to the underground exhibition part where descriptions,concept, architectures, designs for Sagrada are introduced. Sagrada Familia is still marred by cranes and scaffolding today after 80+ years of construction! And will be finished in 2026 on the centennary of Gaudi's death. A range of architects have continued Gaudi's legacy, trying to finish the church according to the plans he had devised. The world is so blessed that he left such amazing masterpieces before his death. Seriously I was awed and amazed by all his works! Love each and every one of them because all of them are different and unique in their very own way. You must be thinking that I am exaggerating but I can assure you that I DID NOT! See and visit those works of Gaudi if you have the chance and you will understand.
Katya Laroche
Awesome piece of art, feat of architecture and must see place. Organic and geometric at the same time, vast, strange and perfect
Lisa D'Cruz
The world's most breath-taking building site, La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for well over 120 years and is Barcelona's most iconic building. Gaudí played a key role in the design of the Sagrada Família in the Eixample district.