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Park Guell

Namrata Bordoloi
One of Antonio Gaudi's gems, this hillside park is a popular tourist destination. Covering a vast area, this park contains almost 3 kms of pathways and steps along with a plaza and 2 gatehouses. The most famous building in this park is the 88-columned Doric Temple with a large terrace and long curving benches. One of Gaudi's best creations, this place should definitely be in your "places to visit" list for Barcelona. A short walk opposite to the park's entrance will bring you to a store that has a 7D show which displays all of Gaudi's work. This 7D movie is a fun way of knowing more about the works of Antonio Gaudi.
The second stop of the day was Gaudi's not so successful creation, Park Guell. The park is a blend of natural greenery and modernists work. The Barcelona Bus Turistic dropped us at Park Guell bus stop but we had to walk uphill for about 10 mins to actually reach the destination. The park was quite crowded. Gaudi's home in Park Guell, where he spent 20 years of his life has been turned into a museum now. One can surely say Gaudi defined Barcelona's architecture.
Paul Belly
#5. Park Güell (Parc Güell, Güell Park)Carrer D'Olot is a large urban park heavily influenced by Antonio Gaudi. Like many of the Gaudi’s works, this too made its way to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The park has been categorized into two areas: -- a relatively undeveloped (and uncrowded) natural area near the top of the hill and the more famous sculpture park below. From the top of the park, you can have the panoramic views of the city. Ticket price: Over the counter- €8 (USD 9.16). Online - €7/ USD 8.01; children until 6 - free ticket required.
Ria Govila
2. Park Guelle and La Sagrada Familia are creations by Gaudi and are a must visit in Barcelona. They are quirky, larger than life and look right out of a cartoon or comic. We didn't have time to enter any but did manage to explore the park and check out the Sagrada church from outside.
Iris Milton
Gingerbread houses of Gaudi being one of the symbols of the capital of Catalonia, are found on postcards, magnets and other souvenirs. And we can find them in the Park Güell. In 1900, the richest man in Catalonia, Eusebi Güell, decided to make an investment in such a housing complex, and Antoni Gaudi was hired for architectural work. However, for unknown reasons the project failed and out of 62 sites that housed the city, it was possible to file only 2. After the death of Güell, his descendants sold the city park to the City Hall of Barcelona.