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Vagator Beach

A small beach in North- Goa, this is a flat beach and perfect for swimming. It is not as popular or crowded compared to many other beaches of the state and especially northern Goa, but is still a favourite of many tourists. There are also water activity options available here but these are not that good compared to the ones at the Sinquerim Beach in the same region. This is often a beach which misses the eye when you are busy visiting the busier beaches of Baga, Calangute and such others.
Nikhita Biswas
On the first night, we went to Vagator Beach since it was the nearest beach and we hadn't rented a vehicle yet. The auto charged us 500 bucks which yes was too costly but we couldn't estimate the distance to Vagator beach from Siolim, hence we took whatever was offered. I guess we ended up at the wrong side of Vagator Beach since the place was quite. Only a few lights, shacks and people marked its entry. We went ahead to see if any of the shacks were serving food but to our disappointment none of the shacks had audience. Every shack was unoccupied and we could only see one part of the beach lit up by W Goa. We asked a few present there by the rocks if there were any shacks further but nobody had a clue and mentioned that you couldn't access the property from the sands and one had to take the route by the road. So, we ended up going back towards the restaurants we had spotted on our way to the beach earlier. We found Olive Goa. It looked beautiful from the outside but we chose to walk further and explore but we couldn't find anything worth, so we ended up going to 'The Mango Tree'. Trust me, a total disappointment. Hence, as an advice, choose Olive over 'The Mango Tree'. We had asked for Fish and Chips and Calamari. They were as fried as a dead body in hell. Bad food and bad service. No that's not where it ends, it took them 45 minutes to take the order itself.
Sumesh Mohan
vagator beach
Sonal Agarwal
Vagator beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and happening beaches of Goa. Since monsoon is generally the off season, you can have the pristine beach to yourself and enjoy your beach days to the fullest. Ten minutes away from the beach is the famous Chapara Fort which gives a stunning view from the top. When in Goa during the monsoon season, don't miss the Dudhsagar Falls, which is at its best during the season.
Debadrita Basak
My friend Pramita and Devoleena di requested me to visit Thalassa during sunset. By that time sun was about to set, so I decided to visit Thalassa.
Debadrita Basak
Then we left for Big Vagator. From there you can see the sea, a bit nearer to you than the small one.
Debadrita Basak
Trust me, if I love any beach after Paradise Beach Pondicherry, this was it : Vagator Beach.I asked my driver dada to take a picture of mine and he did a wonderful job.
Debadrita Basak
And trust me, the moment I came to this place, I was feeling like ; "OKAY, NOW I'M IN GOA." You can see the sea from atop where some coconut and palm trees along with small hill islands were there to give a complete frame.
4. Vagator BeachVagator is really beautiful. Equally clean and family friendly, though probably a little more crowded than Morjim.5. ChurchesA trip to Goa is incomplete without visiting a church. And while Old Goa is where all the big, important churches are located, you will find small churches and chapels in every nook and cranny of the state. In Siolim, it's worth visiting the almost-250-years-old Asagao Church, built in 1770. Go here for Sunday mass.6. Watch the sun set from God's Own PlaceThis is a small cafe and eatery with an elevated platform located near Chapora river, with a fantastic view. Relax here with coffee or some Korean food and watch the sun rise or set.7. Eating and drinking: there are several good eateries catering to a variety of tastes here. Apart from God's Own Place, I have not 1, not 2 but 6 other recommendations!Rare Republic: A Spanish eatery which has a quaint clothes shop attached to it.Gunpowder: The iconic restaurant serving South Indian cuisine has moved from Delhi to Goa! Right next to this restaurant is the equally iconic shop People's Tree in Asagao.Ciao Bella: Go here for authentic Italian food.Vinayak's: Visit this place for cheap but great tasting local Goan food.Sanaka: A Japanese restaurant which is well known for good food in Anjuna (a 15 minutes’ drive from Siolim).
chenna venkat
Vagator beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Goa that is situated immediately north of the Anjuna beach overlooked by steep laterite hills. On the way beach you can find many street sellers with stone armaments, bags and with other stuff. We played with kids sometime in the beach. First time in this trip, my small kid also started playing in the beach. He played some time in the water, then go back to beach started running as his wish. My other two keep on played with sea shores.
10. Vagator BeachOne of the most popular beaches of North Goa is famous for long stretch of sands with rocks in between, provides a perfect platform for relaxing, sea and stargazing.
Himakshi Joshi
We had our flight back to Delhi late in the evening that day, but the airport was a 2 hour journey from our place, hence we had close to just 4-5 hours to spend on the last day of our trip. So, we decided to dedicate this entire day to quench our adrenaline thirsts and bring out the adventure-sporty in us! Though, I am not a big fan of WATER sports (being hydrophobic), I still mustered up my courage and just went for it.Water sports can be found on almost every beach of North Goa, the most popular ones being the Baga and Calangute, as they see the maximum crowd therefore, the cheapest rates. If you're willing to spend just a tad bit more, then Vagator Beach is the best for water sports. Neither is it too extremely expensive, nor is there too much crowd, that you have to wait hours for your turn. If you go around 11 AM, you would find the minimum crowd and can enjoy the sports nicely as there wouldn't be too many people waiting in line.There are various packages available, which are customisable as well according to your requirements. Though bargaining with the locals is a tricky affair, you can still try your luck, but honestly it won't really matter after you're through with the exhilarating experience!(Utmost Important Getting Ready tip:Slather yourself with loads of sunscreen, as you're going to spend too much time out there under the scorching Sun for you're own good!)I went in for the four-sport package, which costed around INR 1500, and included :1. Jet-Ski ride (lasts close to 3 minutes),
Anshul Singh
Vagator Beach has dramatic red cliffs looking down on the shore and two fresh water springs within a stone's throw of the sea. We were the only embracers (probably because it was 11:30 in the night) witnessing the stillness being disrupted by the roaring of waves. And somehow, while immersed in our deep thoughts we realize that it’s time for us to depart as we had an early morning flight to catch for Bangalore.Came back to our resort, used the short period of time left for a brisk nap and then took the cab ride back to the Dabolim Airport. A soothing journey marked its end with gentle drizzling and made us feel nostalgic instantly.I'll end this note by a very famous saying close to my heart, "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware".
Himakshi Joshi
The satisfaction of waking up in a far-off land, away from the monotony of everyday life, is a priceless feeling. I wouldn't trade it for anything. With that thought in mind,the morning on the second day of my trip started surprisingly early! We decided to hit the beach (thanks to its proximity to our place), early in the morning at around 7, to enjoy the vibe at that time, which was indeed beautiful and one not to be missed. We had intended to catch the sunrise but were unable to do so. Nonetheless, what we experienced instead was equally beautiful in its own way, the quiet, calm sea, hardly any people except for the joggers and the yoga-fanatics sprawled here and there on the beach, and the slight chill in the air was better than any morning cup of tea or coffee that we generally require to start our day back in the city.
Ajay Hooda
We landed in Goa, Dabolin airport around 5 pm on january 2nd 2017. We booked a cab for 1200 INR for our hotel located vagator beach, which is approx. 42 km from the airport and it took 1 hours 20 min exact by car.We checked into aryan's resort, there were several other places around we choose aryan's for its splendid view of the vagator beach from room and also because it shares walls with the most famous night club in goa THALASSA (must visit place).
Anwesha Maiti
When in Anjuna, you also have to visit Vagator beach, which is about 10 minutes away from Anjuna. Occasional slips on the grovelly climb is a meager price to pay for the view from the old Chapora fort.
Ananya Gupta
We already booked our scooties the first day, so all the transportation was done through bikes only. Next spot was vagator beach. The beach had clearer water than baga and calangute beach. The waves were in their full mood and bathing in that sea was no less than a bumpy ride. We walked the sandy bottom till the water reached to our height, it felt so good and the cold water gave us chills.
Vidushi Kara
Catch the mystifying sight of the Vagator beach as the Arabian Sea merges with the waters of the Chapora river. Don’t forget the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ selfie at the Chapora fort!
Dipti Goyal
Day 2: After breakfast we took our bike and We visited Augoda fort, Baga beach, Vagator Beach,Palolem Beach.We also did Jet Sking at Baga beach
Vagator beach adjoining Anjuna is secluded, crescent shaped and situated on the Caisua bay along the Chapora river basin, in the shadow of Chapora fort, one of a favourite venue for mid night parties. We have spent some time there and went to one of the club in Vagator. Thalasa Restaurant , Greek style restaurant in Vagator is a upscale place and a perfect place to have few drinks while sunset, Ambiance is very simple yet beautiful, be ready to shell-out few more as it’s a little expensive place but a must visit. * Sinquerim Beach is located 13 km north of Panaji *Calangute is located 15 kms from Panjim and 2 km from Baga.* At times this Calangute–Baga road is Goa’s worst traffic jam. * Vagator is located 21 km north of Panaji near Anjuna* Thaslasa is Close during Monsoon* Vagator has lot of good Pubs and lounges like Waters, Hill top, Nyex etc most of them are upscale, crowd here is also upscale as most of them are expensive places Day 5
Suheil Patel
Once you reach the top, it is a barren land with most of the walls of the forts filled with people admiring the Vagator beach on the left and the much secluded Morjim beach on the right. Sun gave us the skip that day much to our disappointment as we were looking forward to becoming philosophical and to see the sun go down on the horizon.
neha garg
It is better you reach early at the venue so that you can find parking easily at the appropriate location Sunburn finishes by 12-1 AM, post which you can go to any of the after-parties which are happening at different locations/beaches. In 2014, venue was Vagator Beach. As soon as sunburn finishes, there will be hell loads of traffic outside. It took us almost 2.5 hours to reach our hotel on Candolim beach from Vagator. And since almost everyone present in Sunburn is completely sloshed, people prefer reaching here by cars with drivers. Therefore, roads are completely blocked. It is advisable to either hire a 2-wheeler but only if the person driving it will be sober enough or try to exit the venue few minutes before the climax (but best performances are saved for end of the day only!) Drinks of sponsored brands will only be served. So very limited options in terms of booze are available. In 2014, it was only Vodka of Smirnoff and Beer of Kingfisher premium. Food is generally good but costly Don’t even think of carrying your own booze, food items, cigarettes, water bottles or any illegal stuff while entering as you will be thoroughly scanned (I am not aware of any backdoor entries!) And yes whether you love it or not you will get to hear only and only trance music! But when you are high on booze, partying along your friends and everyone else around you seems to enjoying it then it won’t really matter what kind of music is getting into your ears! It’s a general notion that Sunburn is swarming with people and you don’t even have space to step your foot, leave alone the dancing! Well, believe me it is not true at all. It’s a huge venue to accommodate hordes of party people so you will have enough space to dance, sit, lie down and roam around. It is advisable to stay close with your group and decide a common meeting point amongst yourself in case of any kind of unfortunate situations like phone got switched off or lost, etc. All in all it was an awesome experience. 3 days of complete partying and relaxing. Partying through the night, sleeping till noon, then lazing in the shacks on beaches, roaming around and back to partying! That’s what our routine was for those 3 days! Whole Goa is in party mood during that time. I have been to Goa before many times but during Sunburn it has completely different vibes! I highly recommend experiencing it once in a lifetime if you love partying in Goa!
j) Drove to Vagator beach for a good strollk) Drinks at Nine bar amidst good trans music and dinner at restaurant (don't remember the name) right next to Nine Barl) Drove to Sinq club (Opp. Taj Holiday Village), Candolim, for a pool party Day 3(Saturday) a) Morning at Baga beach. Breakfast at one of the shacks at the beachb) Lunch at Zuperb restaurant, Calangute. Nice food. c) Drove to Assagao/Siolim and checked church and the beach. d) Drove to Penha De France to see the churche) Drove to "Paper Boat Collective" for nice collections to buy. Shop is at Sangolda at Penha De Franca, Chogm Road. We couldn't locate the shop easily. Skip it if you do not have enough timef) Back to Baga for evening beach strollg) Dinner at Chef Soumyen's Kitchen at Calangute then moved to Saturday Night Market at Arpora. This market is a must visit if you are in Goa on Saturday night.h) Drove to Club Cabbana for staurday night Day 4a) Morning stroll at Baga beachb) Checked out of the hotel at around 10 amc) Drove to old Goa ferry terminal and took a ferry to Divar Island. Nice walk amidst portuguese era buildingsd) Lunch at Old Goae) Saw Viceroy's Arch, St. Cajetan church, Se Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi church and Basilica of Bom Jesuse) Drove to Pilar f) Back to Panjim. Returned the car. g) Took a night bus to Bangalore
vivek avari
At the parking lot continue to head north towards the direction of Vagator and ask for the water tank. You will cross a newly opened club which is located bang at the parking lot. This club is spelled 'Nyce'. You will see some small trees and then the trail again leads you to the top of a small hill. Walk up the trail till you reach the hilltop. This hilltop offers the first view of the Chopara Fort in the distance. There is a clear mud trail here and walk along it till you cross 'Bliss Beach Resort' and 'Thalasa'. From this point just ask anyone how you can reach the beach or consult Google maps and it will show you the route to the Vagator beach. Get to the beach and continue north till you reach the lifeguard station. A short walk further you have arrived at the foothills of the fort. There is no marked trail. You can just start walking up the cliff. It is not too steep. Once you are up the cliff you will see the walls of the fort. This is the destination. Awesome views of beaches on both sides. And you are not too far away from a shack to get some chilled beer.......Enjoy the hike.One of the busiest beaches in North Goa, this is the starting point of the hike.The first major beach/village that one reaches upon starting the hike.Second beach on the trail from where it is an easy access to the fort.The destination.