Benaulim Beach 1/14 by Tripoto
September - May
Families, Couples
1 out of 7 attractions in Benaulim

Benaulim Beach

35. Benaulim BeachThis beach is famous for fishing among locals also attracts crowd in evening and weekends.
Avik chatterjee
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Saloni Sikdar
A bus dropped us at Benaulim Beach, we walked along the shores of the virgin beach for 7kms to Velsao Camp. Although exhausting, there is no moment I regret taking up the trek. As the days progressed, we got better at covering more distance in lesser time.
From there, Benaulim. It pretty much looked exactly the same as Utorda, with more foreigners and restaurants. Looking north (and south) I realized its just one long strip of sand divvied up into different beaches, so in essence they’re all the same… It all depends on whether you prefer to have some pretense of seclusion or easy access to overpriced restaurants.